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The only thing our tax dollars are stimulating is donations to the DNC.
In just killing the Coal Industry, the Keystone Pipeline, and now raising taxes... the President has killed millions of jobs. MILLIONS! Did it ever occur to anyone to cut overseas spending?
It amazes me how the President's supporters can listen to him deceive everyone with his speeches about sustainable future jobs rhetoric, while growing unsustainable entitlement programs. Did they all flunk "Basic Mathematics"?
I did look it up and you are only wrong by 5.3 million jobs. Which is a close miss for a liberal. You guys spend and think in the Trillions, so this would fall under your 5% allowable percentage of error. Stop embarrassing yourself.
Long story short... it's easier to get disability than find a job. If you have the imagination to conceive the concept of tomorrow (aka "the future")... ask yourself if this is sustainable? Then ask yourself what happens when something is unsustainable? Do you get it? Is it starting to sink in?
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Arguments Do Not Have Testicles

shedrick Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 7:51 AM
This is the most idiotic argument I have ever read. It is not a point in support for reducing unplanned pregnancies, it is an argument in support of the fact that the government controlled adoption process does a poor job in placing innocent infants in loving homes. These children are not born genetically inclined to be criminals you dolt. It is just proof that everything the government controls is run poorly. If you want to control unplanned pregnancies... issue a sin tax under Obamacare. The Supreme Court has already upheld their ability to do so. I think fining people who fail to practice safe sex, instead of rewarding them with healthcare and free support, would seriously reduce the alleged need for abortion.
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Rubio Rips Obamacare on Senate Floor

shedrick Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 1:03 PM
Isn't it ironic how the president's two self-promoted achievements are credited, by defensive liberals, as Romney's and Rubio's ideas? To bad he did not allow them to perfect these ideas before he chose to plagiarize them for his own half-baked political agenda.
He might as well be transparent... 45% of America does not care that he plays more golf, goes on more vacations, funnels money to friends/family/supporters, lies, breaks the law, and acts like a dictator. What's he got to lose? There is nothing this guy could do to alienate his followers. He serves a powerful Kool Aid.
Hey Genius, The vote was 8 to 0 in favor to uphold the right to ask for proof of residency. Now what idiotic statements are you planning if Democrats vote in favor of Holder's Contempt of Congress order? Will you accuse Republicans of holding these Democrat's children hostage? If you and Nancy Pelosi procreated... your progeny would be born absent any grey matter whatsoever.
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Grassley Asks the Right Questions

shedrick Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 7:53 AM
This President is the "Charlie Sheen" of politics. No matter how despicable his conduct is, he is excused, applauded by mindless liberals, and encouraged to go commit more transgressions.
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Arizona Can't Do It; Washington Won't

shedrick Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 7:38 AM
This administration ignores the Constitution, laws, House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court, CIA, and the fact that we are a bankrupt nation. AND... 45% of Americans are fine with this criminal conduct as long as he keeps printing money and sending them checks. He is like the "Big Union Boss" and all will be assimilated into the "United States of America Incorporated". "Pay your dues and vote the way I tell you or bad things will happen to you". Our motto of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" has been replaced by,,, "You have the right to Agree with the King, Praise the King, and Vote for the King". I hope everyone took note that the Supreme Court Justices upheld Arizona's right to ask for documentation 8 to 0.
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