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no GD it, the WH out right LIED about the cost of that s h i t law and every thing else that is in it...! it is a direct pathway to socialism and government owned and operated cradle to grave health care. I for one SHALL NOT COMPLY! obama can go to hell!
they are called socialists as we have not aspired to their idiotic goal of communism yet so please get it right. There is no such thing as a prog/dem anymore. These are not your father's demcrats; they are all socialists and need to be eradicated from government service.
Damned straight you're not.
what about seperation of church n state you libtard asshats are always yakkin about? that prof should be fired and the school sued for forcing students to worship at the alter of statism... according to you frkn socialist idiots that is a serious no no... now do something about it and take all federal funds away from that edifice to ignorance.
yeah... we already got the control message a while back you socialist asshats... but hey... so sorry the second amendment says ummm... like no man... so hey... hows that for like y'know... control...? my gawd why are socialists so damned dumb...?! Its like the part of their brain where rational thought is organized has been rubbed out or just plain erased... my gawd they are so frkn ignorant why do we even let them do the things they are doing...?
Why in the hell are we giving those islamic militants 250 million...?! Are you ppl in d.c. CRAZY...?!
you ppl are nuts. tnsldr2 is nothing but conservative in thought on these boards. Ive followed his posts for years now off and on and unless someone else has assumed his identity on these boards then i say to hell with yahs you frkn trolls... or is it socialist trolls or union thug socialist trolls ? Well? Answer please and for Heaven's sake use logic when you respond.
true all of the statements, however we may want to consider the aftermath of the 1861 election. are we truly that far off the mark with the results of the previous election? This president is a liar and divisive in his very nature. Im prior navy and I served for 22 years. I feel betrayed by my own people. While I was on the front line defending the Republic they turned socialist on me; delivered my country right into the hands of my mortal enemy. I joined up in 1979 btw... right when the Department of Education was formed by carter. If I'd had an inkling of what they were doing behind my back I never would have wasted my time. I would have been on the home front defending my children from encroaching socialism. So yah, pisson obama.
The h e l l he does... cite your reference by Article, Section or Amendment in the Constitution where the President derives that authority. Holder you are an a s s. Resign.
oh really...? so if i see it im going to shoot at it... maybe i can bring one down in my back yard n sell it back to obama for scrap...
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