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Not even sure what you are doing.... Are you trying to convince or just taunting and being mean spirited because your such a loving and open minded person?
No you are not--good for you--but the statistics don't bear your claim out.
They do. Its called the "INTERVIEW" you should try it sometime. Interestingly the "Right to Work" states seem to be doing a lot better than the others financially and whoa! companies hire people where they relocate... What exactly is the difference between a job that pays and being out of work? I think Out of Work is the "KILLING WAGE"
1) I live in Texas and no WalMart does not hire illegals. 2) have you even looked at who ICE raids when they do? and what Political party those companies tend to support? 3) I actually have gone into the shanty communities to help the poor (illegal) immigrants--the WAR on poverty is a joke--its created a dependent leech class.
You need to learn to read the captions on figures.
You do know that the illegal aliens today are living about 15 to an apartment right? They are doing that because large Democrat supporting corporations like to keep them illegal and easy to pay low wages. But you knew that.
She's not attacking the poor--she's attacking the process that creates leeches.
So a SINGLE person does not---its about 47,000,000 million people + what the CRS is not talking about : General Electric, Solyndra, LIght Squared etc... You know--all OUR dependents
That "We" is precious. You actually think "We" are going to get anything? Seriously, how foolish do you think we all are?
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Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7 Percent

shawn209 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 9:37 AM
Oh yes they do... Otherwise how will 2014 go? He's got to get the House back so he can ram down more socialism. He can only do that if Repbulicans can be turned upon eachother and that only happens if the "mood" of the country is manipulated.
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