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PEOPLE, PEOPLE, its MUCH WORSE THAN THAT! The $832 BILLION Stimulus bill also paid for: "$190,464 to STUDY SEX REVERSAL IN RATS; $219,000 to Syracuse Univ to STUDY SEX at college universities; $1.97 MILLION to STUDY SEX HABITS OF HOMELESS MEN! $200,000 to Indiana Univ to STUDY WHY MEN DON'T WEAR CONDOMS; $1.5 MILLION for 3 people to STUDY ROLE OF GRANDPARENTS IN ALASKA; $600,000 for a school district in Kansas THAT NO LONGER EXISTS! $200,000 to Univ of California at San Diego to STUDY WHY AFRICANS VOTE THE WAY THEY DO! $529 MILLION to Fisker Auto--an Al Gore backed company--to BUILD HYBRID AUTOS IN FINLAND!!---ON AND ON THE CORRUPTION AND PAYOFFS GO TO OWEbama's CRONIES and Campaign contributors!
Well you got people like Sean Penn who would fit in McCarthy's list--he's as socialist as the socialist dictator, late Hugo Chavez was. And YOU all know Ed Asner of Mary Tyler Moore show and "Lou Grant"--he's a SELF ADMITTED COMMUNIST. Some on here might remember Burl Ives--he of the great Christmas albums and songs, former movie actor--he was also a communist. Rosie O'Donnell said you can call her a socialist, that's apparently her views now.
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Obama’s Rat Madness

Shavager. Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 5:08 PM
What this LIAR IN CHIEF won't even talk about--once inaugurated in '09--HE RAISED ALL FEDERAL AGENCY BUDGETS BY NEARLY 25%--so those agencies are working with a 1/4 higher total budget in dollars--whether they've USED the money or not. He's continuing to say HE CUT $1 TRILLION--he hasn't CUT ANYTHING--he's just using a $TRILLION DOLLAR in PROPOSED REDUCTIONS IN SPENDING AS CUTS--but there won't be any CUTS--those dollars will just be used for other programs and spending. He attended Cloward/Piven marxist conferences where the prominent ideology promoted was BRINGING DOWN AMERICA UNDER HUGE WELFARE EXPANSION! And he's well on the way--MILLIONS more on foodstamps and in poverty levels than anytime since the Great Depression.
hsiesh--YOU ARE ON THE RAT PLANTATION run by DemocRAT party---YOU HAVE VOTED TO ENSLAVE YOURSELF, FAMILY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS TO GOVERNMENT SLAVERY! $6 TRILLION in National Debt by OWEbama is MORE THAN ALL PREVIOUS presidents spent in 233 years of government. YOU will cry alligator tears over churches receiving any money from federal government--OWEbama BORROWED $770 MILLION to give to MUSLIM COUNTRIES FOR MOSQUES AND COMPUTERS!! Where is YOUR outrage? He just handed YOU a $1 TRILLION TAX HIKE FOR OWEbamacare--HE LIED--claiming a $900 million cost--U.S. CBO office says is will cost $2.6 TRILLION--3 TIMES MORE THAN WHAT HE CLAIMED. He is GUN RUNNING TO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN BENGHAZI, JUST AS HE DID TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL.
MARG--get YOUR head out of OWEbama's rectal cavity---HE BLEW $832 BILLION "stimulus for jobs/shove ready projects" on CRONIES AND CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS--YOU WILL PAY HIGHER TAXES AND PRICES TO PAY FOR IT. He passed a $1 TRILLION TAX INCREASE TO YOU THROUGH OWEbama care--it will COST JOBS, HIGHER TAXES, REDUCED HEALTHCARE SERVICES. HE SPENT MORE MONEY IN 4 YEARS than previous 43 presidents DID IN 233 YEARS of government! It had nothing to do with his COLOR---it's BECAUSE HE IS A COMMUNIST MUSLIM----PRAVDA, Russian newspaper and voice of old Soviet Union ran recent article by Xavier Lerma, who said about OWEbama: "HE IS A COMMUNIST WITHOUT QUESTION promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so."
Archie--MOST REAL AMERICANS DID VOTE AGAINST OWEbama--Ohio had precincts with 100% OWEbama votes on touch screen machines that DEFAULTED to OWEbama votes no matter who the voters selected--same problem in Nevada, Maryland, Virginia and NCarolina. NC had 583 DemocRATS AGE 112 that voted--there aren't that many people in the WORLD AGE 112-much less in Dem party or in NC. Port St. Lucie county, Fla was like MANY OTHER PRECINCTS around the country--MORE VOTES THAN LEGAL VOTERS! GOP can't file lawsuits to investigate VOTE FRAUD DUE TO COURT RULING FROM 1982---FACE IT--OWEbama WON BY MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD!! And the Republicans are PROHIBITED by standing Court ruling prohibiting legal challenges.
Marg--you've bought into this ideology that abortion is a "woman's right" when in actuality, it's about population control of native born Americans. We've aborted over 50+ MILLION American born babies--during a period of time when those supporting abortion have also supported OPEN BORDERS--those aborted babies have been replaced by 40+ MILLION ALIENS from countries--most already indoctrinated with government dependency as their means of living. Their is NO EXCUSE for abortion--too many different alternatives--birth control, diaphragm, condoms, abstinence,etc.. WHAT YOU GET FROM BIG GOVERNMENT IN 2013--$1 TRILLION IN NEW OWEbama care TAXES--that will COST JOBS, SHRINK ECONOMIC GROWTH, DRIVE PRICES AND COSTS OF LIVING UP!!
Look folks, GOP just doesn't get it, they continue to nominate people that will be "nice and get along" while the DemocRATS intimidate, threaten, attack, and their muslim president even goes as far as saying "They bring a knife (GOP) to the fight, WE BRING A GUN." and "I want you to ARGUE WITH THEM and GET IN THEIR FACE." I don't see any "rightwing bigotry" as much as I see people dissatisfied with a party that nominates people DISGUISED as conservative instead of a person with conservative credentials and ideas people believe in. The ONLY Conservative Republicans have nominated in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan--in my opinion the GREATEST president in our lifetime. Conservatism is the base of the GOP--that is the BASE for winning too!
WHAT would you expect from a party with a president who said in Sept, 2008 "I want YOU to ARGUE with them and GET IN THEIR FACE." and earlier in June, '08: "IF THEY BRING A KNIFE TO THE FIGHT, WE BRING A GUN." IF you have any DOUBT about his LOYALTIES--he said at UN this year: "The future MUST NOT belong to those who slander the prophet of ISLAM." OWEbumbler said in his book "Audacity of Hope" page 261: " I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION." How much UGLIER can it get than 2700+ Americans MURDERED BY MUSLIMS ON 9/11?? How much UGLIER than 13 MORE Americans MURDERED BY A MUSLIM AT FORT HOOD or an American Ambassador RAPED, TORTURED, and MURDERED with 3 Seals in LIBYA??
Folks, this administration just gave a $400 MILLION contract for a bridge project in Manhattan to a CHINESE company, a $190 MILLION contract for a bridge project in Alaska to a CHINESE company and a $7.2 BILLION contract to a CHINESE company for a bridge project in California to line Oakland with San Francisco. They gave $90 BILLION to "green energy" companies that are BANKRUPT!! OWEbumbler gave BILLIONS more to Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, India, Viet Nam, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Thailand, El Salvador FOR JOBS, GREEN ENERGY using stimulus dollars and through the EPA and the Clean Air Act. OWEbumbler is DELIBERATELY DRAINING WEALTH FROM AMERICA!
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House Republicans to Boehner: Cowboy Up

Shavager. Wrote: May 15, 2012 4:42 PM
Boehner's afraid to make a move, he want to continue as Speaker expecting GOP to maintain House control, but it's his very reluctance to stand up and show some backbone that has Americans and voters so angry. We have a CORRUPT administration that is MONEY LAUNDERING taxpayer dollars to companies and campaign contributors in exchange for contributions to his past election as well as upcoming re-election. Solyndra, Beacon Power, Steve Westly, Jeff Doerr, ENER1--now giving a personal friend $5.9 MILLION through the HHS. He IS DELIBERATELY TRYING TO BANKRUPT AMERICA AND SUBMIT U.S. TO GLOBAL RULE THROUGH COLLAPSE AND INTERNATIONAL BAILOUT--SURRENDING NATIONAL BORDERS AND SOVEREIGNTY JUST AS HAS HAPPENED TO GREECE.
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