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G. Joan--the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April 2008, that PHOTO ID LAWS such as that of State of Indiana was LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL, with a 6-3 vote that included Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens who said the law: "was JUSTIFIED by the valid interest in protecting 'the integrity and reliability' of the electoral process." Justice Stevens went on to say: "preventing fraud and inspiring voter confidence were LEGITIMATE goals of the law, REGARDLESS of who backed or opposed it. We cannot conclude that the statute (Indiana's PHOTO ID LAW) imposes excessively burdensome requirements ON ANY CLASS OF VOTERS." Eric Holder SUED several states including North Carolina in 2012 BEFORE the presidential elections TO PREVENT THOSE STATES FROM ENFORCING PHOTO ID LAWS BEFORE THE ELECTIONS! Now you know why--to PROTECT VOTE FRAUD!
YEAH, YOU keep thinking that when Obama's 30% TAX hits your retirement or 401K pension plan, I bet we'll hear you crying and gnashing teeth then!
They DO have credibility--they also have 4,000 votes found by True the Vote that were illegally cast by DemocRATS who had already voted in a DemocRAT primary and under Mississippi law were not allowed to participate in the runoff. I'm ALL for a lawsuit that True the Vote has filed--IF we can't have HONEST elections, WE DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY ANYMORE and that's the goal of the DemocRAT party and Benedict Arnold Obama--the gay muslim in the White House!
P.S. Lindsey Gramnesty is talking big and tough CAUSE he's UP for re-election with Tea Party and others disgusted with him and running opposition. He knows as well as you and I--the GOP does NOT have the power to impeach Obama. IF the GOP takes control of Senate in November, maintains control of the House--they still would lack the necessary votes in Senate to CONVICT Obama on impeachment charges even IF they got a MAJORITY of YES votes--68 votes means the RATS in DemocRAT party would still need to vote against the sissy muslim and it's not gonna happen with a CULT party like the DemocRATS.
AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN PEOPLE! Obama is ENTICING the GOP to impeach him, he knows the GOP lost seats in the election following impeachment of Clinton. Obama KNOWS the House could vote to impeach, the Senate would take up trial with Chief Justice John Roberts presiding over the trial but IT TAKES 68 VOTES TO CONVICT, with the GOP only having 46 seats, they need 22 DemocRAT votes to convict--it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN and he knows it. Obama would expect impeachment to drive millions of blacks and minorities to polls in outrage over "whites" and "Jim Crow" blacks trying to remove the first black president. It could be his best chance to maintain Senate control, overturn GOP control of House and FINISH THE U.S. as a sovereign nation. He's salivating because he knows this GOP is a weenie backboned party under Crybaby Boehner and McConnell, they're intimidated and afraid of the sissy Muslim in the White House.
Folks, the only thing that doesn't surprise me, I'M SHOCKED that Obama didn't turn these five muslim murderers loose IN THE U.S. to get jihad operations underway here. Bergdahl not only DESERTED, according to Taliban deputy district commander Haji Nadeem of Paktika area of Pakistan, he is a TRAITOR! Nadeem told the Sunday Times and UK's Daily Mail that Bergdahl trained Taliban fighters in bomb-making and ambush strategies, he had CHANGED his name to ABDULLAH and was advising Taliban fighters at a base in Pakistan. Obama traded one TRAITOROUS muslim for 5 MURDERERS.
Cance--Al Franken is a sitting U.S. Senator because of VOTE FRAUD in Minnesota, he won by barely 300+ votes, there were MORE than 335 ILLEGAL felons who voted in one area of Minn. Loretta Sanchez, House DemocRAT won her House seat over GOP's Bob Dornan by CLEAR VOTE FRAUD--the Elections committee identified over 1000 votes from ILLEGAL ALIENS in 1996. A Miami area DemocRAT was just indicted late last year for VOTE FRAUD in Florida before the 2012 elections. Three DemocRATS are SERVING TIME in NY state for VOTE FRAUD. One DemocRAT poll worker in Ohio got 50 YEARS in prison for VOTE FRAUD in 2012 elections--voted MULTIPLE TIMES and for DEAD PEOPLE's names.
C'MON MOTORMOUTH--HOW MANY of those 80,000 who have the SAME birthday, have the SAME first and last names AND SAME last 4 digits on Social Security cards? There were 66,000 more votes in Port St. Lucie County Florida in the 2012 elections THAN THERE WERE REGISTERED VOTERS! WHO cast those votes since the registered voters were accounted for? That's exactly why the IRS BLOCKED efforts by TRUE THE VOTE to gain 501(c3) non profit status and give them the legal authority to challenge those votes and the people who cast them. True the Vote is now in process of investigating that election and ILLEGAL votes.
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