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Axelrod on the Loose: Stumbles with Buffett Rule, 'Endorses' Romney on Fox News Sunday

Shavager. Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 9:34 PM
YEAH, because McCain is a RINO--he's no more GOP than a Kennedy is, but McCain still would NOT be ramming HUGE DEBT down our throats, he could be controlled THROUGH CONGRESS, Owebumbler can't get it through Congress--he signs an executive order or gets it done through federal agencies like the EPA, DOJ, Bureau of Land Mangmt, etc. WE THE PEOPLE CAN STOP THE NDAA bill-at STATED LEVELS just as Virginia did under GOP governor Bob McDonnell.

On this morning's Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace posed some questions to Obama flak David Axelrod about the Buffett Rule, and unsurprisingly, Axelrod stumbled and stuttered through his answers. Watch:

Some highlights:

"I remember when $47 billion was a lot of money, it still is a lot of money."

Yeah, but when compared to our $15 trillion debt? Or the $6.4 trillion the president's budget adds to...