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As for the Supreme Court not allowing confiscation, Mr. Chapman, the Heller case was a 5-4 decision. One more Obama appointee and that right is gone. The Canadians have been through this; why can't we learn from others mistakes?
I agree that Clinton is the better liar, but I'm afraid that Obama truly believes the drivel he dishes out, and that is much more frightening.
cont- The evangelical tries once again to plead his case, but is dismissed with the following 'You strained at a gnat by not supporting someone you believed was not a true Christian, yet swallowed a camel by allowing a non-christian party to destroy the greatest force for good the world had ever known- the United States. There is no place for you here...'
I agree with the writer, for this reason- An evangelical is standing at the judgment bar before the Savior, and is asked what he has done in his life to make the world a better place. He specifically cites refusing to vote for that 'UnChristian Mormon' for president. To which the Lord says 'Your not voting allowed President Obama to continue his record of appointing judges and making laws that killed millions of innocent babies through abortion that otherwise would have been curtailed' The evangelical tries to explain how he couldn't vote for a Mormon, but the Lord cuts him off and says 'Your not voting allowed Obamas antipathy of Israel to allow Iran to use nuclear weapons against Israel, killing millions of Jews'. cont-
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sharps45 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 9:19 AM
No Mormons are COMPELLED to pay tithing, they are not ostracized by the community, and can still attend and participate in church. The church donates millions to the needy (and non-members included), their welfare program is a model of efficiency, and of course the time spent freely to aid in these things. theguy with his Prop 8 comment shows he is likely one of the left leaning who don't give. Very little church money is spent on recruitment- those young lads you see in their white shirts pay their own way. Also, the church does not donate to individual political campaigns or parties- only occasional causes, such as Prop 8, where they see a moral necessity to get involved.
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