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I don't call John Kerry an American patriot. I call him a turncoat an a liar. He protested the war and turned his back on his fellow servicemen. Don't forget, most of his bragging about his service turned out to be lies. The present John Kerry is chomping at the bit to start war in Syria...he doesn't care if it turns into WWIII. He just wants to "get back" at Putin. .For a man who protested war, he sure has changed again. A chameleon, he is. A patriot, he isn't. As a human being, John Kerry is near the bottom of the barrel. He had NOTHING when he became a politician. It was only AFTER marrying Theresa Heinz that he had any money AND he used her money left to her from the late Senator to get what he has today. He's a leach pure and simple.
College educated? Naw...more like college INDOCTRINATED. If I was paying tuition for a kid in college and he disrespected anyone, let alone a patriot, he or she would be pulled from that college in a heartbeat; but if my kid didn't want to be pulled from that college, then they would be on their own to find the tuition and any extra money they would need to survive the school semesters. These college kids need to learn that they wouldn't have free speech and the other freedoms they now enjoy if it wasn't for our soldiers. As someone else stated, a course in American History is necessary, especially a course learning about Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and the political parties they represented. Maybe then they would have some respect for America. If that can't be accomplished, then let's do a hands-on course and ship them to the Middle East and/or a country like Venezuela so they can learn by experience.
We really have to get rid of ALL the idiots that are supposed to represent us but instead, represent themselves and their favorite political contributors Hopefully, 2014 and 2016 will be a wake up call and I do hope we can take our country back to the constitutional government that we are supposed to be.
Then the whole Democratic Party is a disgrace because she is/was the head of the DNC.
In my instance, I have to be followed for at least 5 years. Right now, 1-1/2 years later, I'm on the 4-month visit schedule with a CT scan every time and blood work every year. I had spent 3 weeks in the hospital with 2 doctors, one to operate on the cancer and the other one to "put me back together" (plastic surgery), then radiation treatment EVERY DAY for a month. I guess you can imagine my medical bills at this point. So I don't agree with Dave on this point either. As I said before, my policy at least kept my household bills up to date and paid as many doctor/office visits as I could get. There is no lifetime limit on my policy either, so i consider it a very good one.
I had a cancer policy from the 70s that cost me $7 a month. Now I have a cancer another policy with better payments and for more items. It was just as inexpensive and I could afford it. I kept it up all these years and it came in handy last year. It didn't pay all hospital/radiation/physician expenses, but I could keep my household bills paid up. Plus the policy pays for free mammograms every year. I won't give it up and there is NO limit in age.
Your message also applies to the die hard, Obama-can-do-nothing-wrong party voters. They don't think, they just react with hate and name calling to anything stated against "THE party" and that's such a shame.
From where I 'sit', the GOP has been trying. Why do you think Reid is forever killing GOP bills that flow from the House to the Senate. Why do you think the dems are forever attacking the GOP and conservatives? Because dems know if the truth came out about the GOP party and what they tried to do over the past 7 years (the amount of time dems have controlled Congress), they would never win an election. For those that don't know, I'm speaking about the economy, jobs, bank regulation, mortgage regulating by Fannie and Freddie, and more.
Really? They kept the feds out because who the President was????? Oh, if only you had proof of that. The dems (I never capitalize the party because I have no respect for them) always said it was Bush's fault that Louisiana didn't get the help in the beginning. I knew different but I'm not a politician, so my voice doesn't count.
Looks to me like you are believing the great big falsehood of the Obama team. Guess you like having the government control your every waking moment. BTW, in the Obamacare law, it states that they are transferring $716B from Medicare TO Obamacare to get it up and running. So, who is that a falsehood? I say doing that is stealing from Medicare, just like the Dems stole from Social Security and won't pay it back.
What's even more disgusting with Biden is that he was BORN in Coal Country. What's unbelievable is that PA is leaning Democrat! I don't know about Ohio, but the people in PA better wake up. Granted, the people who are for Obama/Biden live in big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Should they learn how electricity is made before Nov. or should they just let blackouts be the norm if O/B gets back in before they wake up? I, for one, don't want to see thousands more jobs go out the door.I also don't want to see our tax dollars wasted on wind and solar energy as most of those products are made in CHINA and we all know how good the decisions were made by the Obama team investing in those products.
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