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Union Greed and Politician Apathy are Killing Cities

Sharon486 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 10:39 AM
How do you know you are being deceived? You don't, and that is the essence of deception. It's also the essence of unions. They have deceived their membership for so long that it has become part of the doctrine of the Democratic Party Religion. They have created a Jonestown of koolaid drinking accolites. Now the bills are coming due and who are they blaming? Anyone Else. Time to take control of our cities both fiscally and morally. God doesn't serve koolaid and the consequences of irresponsibility are far reaching. So is grace.

p>If you follow the rule in life to follow the money, the money trail increasingly is leading to a union pension, a union wage or a union contract. And it’s putting America’s cities out of business.

As more municipalities begin to eye bankruptcy proceedings as a way out of their financial mess, many believe that one great advantage of bankruptcy proceedings is that it will allow the nullification of fat union wages, pensions and other benefits that taxpayers in the private sector don’t get.

But if the example of Stockton, California serves as a guide, city officials would rather screw...

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