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Is This Still America?

Sharon486 Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 2:23 PM
I found the whole process of this case to be offensive and abusive. If Trayvon Martin had killed George Zimmerman or anyone else at 17 he would possibly have been tried as an adult. I have a twelve year old boy who is already so strong that I cannot roughhouse with him anymore for fear of getting hurt and yet Trayvon Martin was continuously referred to as a mere boy. A young boy, an innocent child, a poor little guy just out buying skittles and tea. He was strong enough to break Zimmerman's nose and to repeatedly pound his head on the cement causing lacerations and if it continued, he could have either killed Zimmerman or caused brain damage. If he was doing nothing wrong, which may have been the case, he could have told Zimmerman to get lost or called the police and complained of being stalked if that is what he really thought. That he had ingredients used for some street level mix of a drug concoction using Skittles and Arizona tea, may or may not have been at issue, but clearly Trayvon was not an innocent child as evidenced by what was on his phone, his school records and his own statements. Why is George Zimmerman always referred to as a White Hispanic? Why is President Obama never called a "White African American"? Why was this case taken over by the feds when REAL black on black crime is ignored? Why is there no outrage over the true crime of thuggery abounding in the black communities, cities and streets all over the country and especially in the urban areas? What should be done to stop that instead of the determination to punish whites for everything that happens to blacks? What about personal responsibility? The poor family of Trayvon Martin may sue George Zimmerman but for what? He doesn't have any money, and the leftist, race baiting media is certainly only going to assist them to turn it into a blood bath. Celebrities of all kinds are adding fuel to the fire by encouraging rage and no matter what happens, George Zimmerman will never be safe again. Neither will his family. Al Sharpton et al, have started a war on whites that the administration is arming as surely as Fast and Furious and Benghazi. In the meantime, Trayvon is already nominated for sainthood despite threatening to kill George and Martin Luther King Jr. is being portrayed in a hoodie to resemble Trayvon Thug Jr.
JBBooks Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 3:57 PM
I've come to the conclusion that this country is going to self destruct.

You have a DOJ headed up by a black racist that sees anything the government does that it is illegal is okay as long as it helps the two black racists and their minions stay in control.

There are black racists marching in the streets threatening and attacking white people and the police and LEO's do nothing to stop it.

The black racists are in charge and its payback time for whitey.

And all whitey will do is hide and pretend nothing is wrong and go on their merry way.

The government is out to destroy this nation. And We the sheeple sit back and watch it all happen.