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A Force More Powerful Than Oscar

Sharon486 Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 11:05 PM
Billy Ray Cyrus? Really? Have you not seen the remake of his Achy Breaky Heart? It's porn. If he is to be included in your "safe" list, I'm not buying any of it. I'll do my own research thank you.
Whoa Trigger, Adam and Eve were living a great life in a perfect environment. They failed the easiest test, which proves that we would all have failed the same test in the same environment. We all fall for the "Yea, Hath God said?" line. Christ was always going to be the propitiation for sin, God planned for salvation from the very beginning. He knew, He knows we are dust and stupid.
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Rainbows, Abortion, and Unicorns

Sharon486 Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 12:05 PM
Folks like you have made it a national issue by demanding legalization of murder, then demanding that the general public pay for legalized murder, then demanding that the general public aka tax payers pay for abortion and contraception as well as the STDs incurred in indiscriminate sexual encounters. You have cried "War on Women" all the while banging away on the drum of promiscuity and self pity and irresponsibility. It is the height of hypocrisy and stupidity that you want anybody and anything in your uterus except a baby.
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Is Bible-themed Movie, Noah, Offensive?

Sharon486 Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 5:20 PM
when I was a child I went to see The Ten Commandments, The Robe, and The Greatest Story Ever Told. All of those movies took poetic license. All of them had flawed theology. Kind of like all of the apostles, all past and future Christians and all of the Biblical characters except for the Father Son and Holy Spirit. The great thing about those movies is that they piqued my interest in spiritual things and I eventually allowed myself to be found by Christ. Take the family and friends and have a discussion. It's not going to be even mildly pornographic which is a real switch for Hollywood. God bless them. I hope Russell Crowe is affected by the part he plays. I hope they all are.
I'm confused. Are the french masses really angry with their president because he's cheating on his girlfriend? Since when has morality ever been high on the list of Important Things to the French? What about the politics of the man? What about what he is doing to erode their economy? Why is he being welcomed to the U.S.? Does the POTUS possibly think he can advise the man on either morality or economy; does he want Hollande's advice? At a time when U.S. citizens are losing/ giving up their incomes in a non-recovering recovery, should the POTUS be thinking of shuttling the french version of himself around on Air Force One and feeding him off the fat of our land at our expense? Did they invite Antoinette?
This is becoming the Unaffordable, Unsustainable Everybody's in the Farm Bill only in reverse. Instead of paying the folks not to plant crops, employers will be not paying folks to not work. Anybody feeling good about job lock freedom?
The population of the country will be greatly reduced by 2017. So the unemployment rate will be artificially decreased. Those left with jobs will not have the benefit of a better life for their labor. Ruling by fiat will be the norm in 2017 "It is not our duty to leave wealth to our children, but it is our duty to leave liberty to them. We have counted the cost of this contest, and we find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery." John Dickinson circa 1775. This is where we are headed.
Chastened? Really? He no longer needs to blame GWB. He no longer plans to work with Congress. He's got a pen. Remember? Income inequality for women is embarrassing. Really? Not the IRS, Not the NSA, Not Benghazi, Not the use of Food Stamps, Not the number of people who have left the workforce, Not homeless Vets, Not Libya, Not a nonfunctioning ACA website which is really another source of the government getting more information about you than they need, Not Pelosi and Reid and d'Blazio (sp), Not everything that comes out of Biden's mouth, Not forcing Nuns to pay for birth control and abortion, Not the cowtowing to EPA wackos who believe the best way to deal with everything is to depopulate Africa? I don't see chastened in anything he had to say. I see a new avenue of deceit on the horizon.
Why is the question about Phil Robertson still on the page? Very irritating. The President is determined to destroy the country. Then he will feign rescuing it by implementing all of the freedom costing plans he's had since the beginning of his reign. He is posturing for more power and wealth manipulation than we would ever have thought he would.
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Obama's State of the Onion Smells

Sharon486 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 1:27 PM
I feel sick.
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