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This is an important piece if information. Unfortunately it is obstructed by poor sentence structure, redundancy and wordiness. Please pay attention to what you are writing.
Why are people with no law experience allowed to run federal programs that are built on law? This guy "administers" the Federal Records Act and yet is unable to say without hesitation that the law was broken? Hello?
6 ) unless they are conservatives.
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Slavery Reparations

Sharon486 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 11:08 AM
Townhall needs to stop with the constant Ad interruptions or they will lose me as a reader. I think others are tiring of it too.
Mr. Ransom, Although it's great to get support for conservative ideals, history lessons and financial and economic consequences to the administrative decisions being made, it's also great to see that you aren't preaching to the choir. I love seeing what libs, LIVs and morons have to say. Your dissection and analysis of what they have to say is truly entertaining as well as informative. I can't even get through reading some of the comments for the unintelligible or should I say unintelligent rants. Thanks for affording even them the dignity of a response. God bless you sir.
While all of the disaster in Obama's wake is going to destroy the country, few people are talking about the fact that he knows exactly what he's doing. It has been his purpose all along to destroy this country. He's doing more to bring in chaos than any militant, sharia fanatic islamist working to welcome the mahdi
I agree with everything except LBJs Great Society. It was a ploy to get votes. The Great Society has done more to ruin the black family than anything else ever legislated. It spawned a generation of welfare dependence that has continued to degenerate the black family and has allowed the white family to follow suit. It did more for the democratic party than any of the democrats could ever have dreamed of. Republican progressivism is every bit as evil as democratic progressivism.
The only economic news playing in Michigan is how the recession is over and things are looking quite bright on the financial horizon. Job growth is growing by leaps and bounds and everybody is getting insurance. The fact that it is all lies is just ignored. The 30% are the MSM, the dead voters and the lo-info dems who auto-vote for the morons currently running the Senate and WH. Now of course with illegals coming over by the hundreds daily the 30% will leap upwards when they get voting rights within a few weeks despite the fact that most of them are minors. If being dead doesn't stop dems voting habits, then neither will age restrictions.
I agree, but it's Louis Farrakhan.
If the two-week in the country passes for amnesty and voting rights, she'll be elected no matter what. Time to pray America. It can't be said enough. God Help U.S..
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