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If public schools are giving kids such great educations, why are they graduating with less than 12th grade reading levels. Why are they unable to do Math, why are they unable to articulate on any subject that has to do with politics, current events or the history of our great country. More money is spent than ever per child in public schools than ever before and they are not learning. Good teachers want to teach where the kids are willing to learn and where they don't have to meet the basic needs of the kids in order to do that. Wealthy people are willing to spend the money on their children's educations because they know it isn't coming from public schools. People are homeschooling more for the same reason. The president killed the school vouchers for the DC kids and sent his own children to private schools. That says something about his assessment of the DC public schools.
There should not now or Ever be any arming to those countries from the U.S. again. Why does the POTUS not see that under his watch it has gone badly every time. He was so sure the Muslim Brotherhood would be good for the area and look where that went. He sent guns into Mexico and now they are holding a U.S. soldier captive and killing their people with the guns he gave them and ISIS is flowing into our country along with the central american illegals. He said Afghanistan was the important war and it's out of control. He has damaged relations with all of the Middle East and wants us now to arm Syrian rebels? He is not willing to condemn Hamas and honor the only true friends we have over there in Israel. Rescue the Christians, Jews and innocents and destroy the fanatics. God help us all if this freakish tergiversating continues.
Yup you got it.
That may be the most foolish thing you've ever said Darby. Those thugs keep their own women wrapped up in black from head to toe and use them for breeding. The women may be stunningly beautiful, but who would know. The fanatics think of women as the seed of evil and it is somehow their duty to degrade non-islamic women in any way possible. Their looks have nothing to do with the crimes committed against them. They don't make their decisions to ruin the lives of young girls and women based on their looks. You have degraded them further by your comment. I find it ironic that you as a RC, venerate Mary yet reduce those poor women to nothing but their gender by such a callous statement. Jesus would never have said something so heartless and even jocose.
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The Genocide Libel

Sharon486 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:15 PM
John Kerry is a traitor to his own people. Obama hates everybody including his own children as evidenced by bringing the illegals in and putting every single person in this country at risk. Hamas hates Israel. Much of the world hates Israel. But if Israel falls (and it won't because God Himself will protect Israel), the rest of civilization will fall as well. We in the USA are already experiencing the judgement we have brought on ourselves by equivocating on support for Israel. The news refuses to accurately report what is happening and duping the low information public into believing that Israel is killing Palestinians when in fact it is Hamas that is killing Palestinians. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the reconciliation of the nations. God help us all if we refuse to stand with Israel.
Obama would still have won. He got the dead vote and the double dippers.
Obama would still have won. He got the dead vote and the double dippers.
Is he joshing, is he earnest or is he just stupid?
This is an important piece if information. Unfortunately it is obstructed by poor sentence structure, redundancy and wordiness. Please pay attention to what you are writing.
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