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YOU gunowner are despicable. Should I consider all men to be a stupid as you?
It is YOU that is a problem if you consider all females as broads. Is that how you view your Mother? Or Wife? Or Daughter? This country needs way fewer people thinking like you. If you refuse to think of women as intelligent individuals, then YOU need to find something else to do rather than show your stupidity on this or any other political page.
You need to cite proof that Chick-fil-A fires people because they are homosexual.
This loon needs a check up from the neck up.
It should be a permanent one!
Perhaps Steinem is telling us how SHE feels and projects that feeling onto men.
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Solutions to Black Education

Sharon453 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 4:18 PM
As Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see.
If this woman were merely ignorant, she could be cured of that condition. However, being that she is a Progressive, and there is no cure for that condition, she is simply stupid.
If my husband had ever referred to me like that, I'd have knocked him into next year. You are disgusting.
Please leave and don't bother to return.
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