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Amen!! Well said.
Or, the Ten Commandments say|: Thou Shalt Not Kill, there are No exceptions for capital punishment or Women choosing to kill. Got it Rdavis??? God never gave women the exclusive right to kill, and he darn well didn't give it to doctors, government (thru Roe v Wade). Unless your life is threatened, NO one has the right to kill.
Finally, someone that is truthful. This was always what it was about --Me, Me, and Me!! If that Pre born baby is an inconvenience of any kind--women feel they should have the right to sweep it away (like so much dirt). if you support Roe v Wade, you CAN NOT be Pro -Life as it is impossible to be both because either you believe this is life and worth saving, or you don't. A Pre-born doesn't become a baby if it is in your womb only, and a "choice" in someone else's. It doesn't work that way. This would be like saying "I personally don't believe in slavery, but I will not object to the South having slaves". news Flash: this makes you Pro-slavery, Not Pro-Choice as you either believe owning another human being is wrong, or you don't.
An excellent column that shows the hypocrisy of those on the left. They are our children except when government says they are not. A fetus is a baby 2 seconds outside the womb, but not 2 seconds before when In the womb. Or, killing is okay when the woman chooses it, but illegal for everyone else. Got it everyone???? These are the Rules according to the Left.
But withholding a feeding tube from someone who is not in any pain, but who is a burden to her husband who has since taken up with another women (i.e. the Theresa Schiavo case for those who have short memories), IS murder and that is what happened to this unfortunate woman---All with government's blessing. Shame on you and others who don't see the value in life unless it's contributing something to society.
Actually Dot2, it's Extreme (at least for that time), just as those calling for an end to the killing of unborn babies are considered Extreme today. And just as those who called for the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s and before were considered "extremists". Someday we will realize that All Life has Value and no one--not government, not white folks, not women, or anyone has the "right to destroy that life".
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Jesus also said "if a thief steals your cloak, give him your shoes as well". I suppose that not only the rich are doomed, but you and I are as well because I would venture to say that most of us would "call the law" on someone who stole from us. You see, once again, we use the bible to "prove our case", like when you used "the rich's difficulty in getting to heave". I believe what Jesus was referring to was "all who have more than they need", and my dear friend, that is 99% of us. Jesus didn't come to admonish only the "rich", but All who are greedy and in need to repent. I.E. you can be just as greedy with $100 as one who has $1,000,000.00.
Sorry GOPtruther, but you missed a few things when reading the bible. First, Jesus did in fact "hang" with the rich--do you recall Lazarus??? He was VERY RICH. In fact, Jesus considered him one of his closest friends, so when he died, Mary and Margaret's grief was so great and that of Jesus' that Jesus called forth Lazarus from death and made him live. the 12 apostles that traveled with Jesus-did you know that at least 5 of them were "rich"? I suggest before you "cherry pick" what you "like" about the life of Jesus, you read EVERYTHING. Yes, Jesus preached to "help the poor", but no where did he "MANDATE/FORCE" that choice as he knew that it would be Communism to do that and he wanted no part of that. Charity must be chosen,not dictated.
While I comment on Yahoo and read my emails from there, I don't find it surprising that this piece of human garbage worked for Yahoo. I do have my doubts about him being fired. Yahoo, like the lame stream media, is in the tank for Obama. He could reveal that he is the devil incarnate and these media types (yahoo included) would still vote for him.
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