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Romney's Loss -- It's Not the Asphalt

shari20 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 6:07 PM
suz, you are so right. what in the world is he talking about? 'take on the dems'? what's that? be a jerk like they are jerks? lie, be small and unpresidential? mitt was everything we needed at this time. anybody who didn't vote for him was a loser (not looser, robert104!). America is the loser now. pitiful...
First things first.

Many a pundit, such as yours truly, wrote columns explaining the fact that so many polls in the presidential election were skewed in the direction of Democrats and thus not reliable. And while a poll I conducted in the decidedly "red state" of Georgia very accurately showed Mitt Romney enjoying a stronger result than John McCain in '08, my last poll of Florida -- like that conducted by another pollster for two other Florida newspapers, showing Romney winning comfortably in Florida -- was off. That hurts, because in 2008 it was on the money.

There used to be...