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The Campaign for "Free" College

ShakaZubama Wrote: May 29, 2012 8:38 PM
Marxists and socialists knew that the chief obstacle to taking down this republic was an informed electorate. It took them 60 years to do it, but they whipped that problem. Why do you think it's always the leftists touting the "value" of education when in fact education is for all intents and purposes flat out indoctrination, even in many of the quasi-scientific fields. Moreover, this can even be said of the sciences in large part owing to the fact that most people in the sciences are as leftist as their brain dead liberal arts brethren.
From the inbox over the weekend:

You all don't seem to understand that a Public Education in the University Systems of our country was (essentially) free until the early 1970's... Public universities are supposed to invest in intellectual capital. Period. In reality, it is subsidized...and should be.

The gold standard for the free postsecondary education model is pre-1970s California. The University of California system charged residents nothing for tuition before a series of reforms throughout the 1960s hiked fees to bring out-of-pocket costs in line with a lot of other systems throughout the country. As Anya Kamenetz...