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This is just like Benghazi, but with health-care... he says one thing, then changes his story, and the media ignores the switch.
Apparently the MSM thinks so, because that's what they yell whenever anyone tells it.
42%? Well it's better than 47.
Sure, and we all know how efficient government computers are.
And DID!
Conservatives will never own Congress or the WH. Republican necons, perhaps; but never Conservatives.
"Correction, we have a hateful, corrupt, devious, cold, indifferent person impersonating a President." So he's a snake oil salesman, without the oil and salesman.
Oh they know it, they just don't ever SAY he's naked... they just mock those who do.
Of course, that's called sovereign immunity- aka "the King can do no wrong."
Thank statism for creating the illusion that governments are gods, and can legislate things into existence by their divine will.
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