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Plan B: Taxing to Death the Firearms Industry

sgamble Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 9:44 PM
It may not be constitutional. Sin taxes only exist because what they tax are not constitutionally protected rights. you have no right to a cigarette. To engage in excessive taxation on guns or ammo with the purpose of infringing on the exercise of the right is much like some of the voting laws meant to bar blacks from voting. The lawsuits will hit the court's door before any such sintax is implemented

If you can't ban it, tax it into being unattainable. As efforts to reinstate a federal ban on modern sporting rifles at the federal level fail to gain traction, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are looking for another option to get their gun control goals fulfilled with a little help from the IRS.

The proposals range from the modest -- a proposed 5 percent tax in New Jersey -- to the steep -- a proposed 50 percent ammo tax in Maryland. The bills follow efforts to ban...

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