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The unmitigated gall. They publish names, numbers and addresses, the criminals thank them for doing so and they are alarmed by the negative feedback? What do they expect? Even worse, if we can't have our guns, what gives them the right?
His father was never an American citizen. That alone prohibits him from being President
The more that comes to light on this whole fiscal cliff, tax hikes, obamacare etc...I am more convinced the poor will be in better shape than the middle and upper class because they have less to lose. Makes sense because this whoe fiscal cliff scenario would level the playing field in the eyes of obama and put every American in the same category which is what he's wanted to do all along. That's why he's not negotiating. I am not big on Boehner but at least he's tried to find common ground with concessions. obama has made it very clear he will not negotiate. I believe it wants to see this country just like every other 3rd world and poverty stricken nation. It's the only thing that makes sense.
I have a question. How in the world are we to afford "insurance" if we don't have jobs and how in the world are we going to be able to afford the "penalty or tax" if we don't have a job? THis is craziness.
Those 3 headlines are nothing compared to the 4th about to be released. Apparently Chris Stevens was gun running for the jhadists on the administrations' behalf. The Libians knew it and that's why Stevens was killed, to stop the guns getting to the wrong people. THat's the reason for obama's cover up, the reason stevens was killed, the reason for less security after repeated requests for more security. obama basically had Stevens killed because he could not afford for this to come to light.
obama's favorite thing to do when he has no answer...ignore it
care to guess what her kids are having for lunch in their private school?
carter was WAY ahead in the polls but Reagan won by a land slide. Don't pay attention to the polls.
It should have been since it is unconstitutional. It passed with dirty politics and that's the only reason.
Fortunately, none of us are made the same way. We need the fighters as well as the calm and collected to keep us fighters together and to build a fire under the calm and collected but under no circumstance are we to hate. Jesus even tells us we "are to fight for the faith." The bible also says "evil flourishes when good men do nothing." We each have our place in this world and I believe we simply gravitate to it naturally but everything needs to be done "decently and in order" as the bible says.
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