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Sounds like you had more interest in your sex life than you did in getting an education. How about we raise the moral value bar instead of lowering it. Sex is now all about recreation and not the intended purpose of pro-creation. Promiscuity is rampart, STD's are prevelent, it is a shame that self control and personal responsibility have been tossed to the wind.
You have implied that all married couple stray. Those who do, have no regard for their kids or partner, have no use for committment, the moral value of mushrooms. Since sex really isn't a necessity for your personal survival, pay for your own extra -curricular activities and birth control. If birth control was the only issue that decided your vote, you are nieve and part of the country's problem not of it's solutions.
The facts are right in front of you.We have diversified our American culture to the point of having no culture of our own while educating kids about all other cultures.Our moral standards are like those of a third world country. Social engineering is out of control. Religious freedom is being dimished as is freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment. We have a media that is now an opinion based ideology, facts are lost and misinformation is blatant in the press and administration. We have lost the notion of individual responsibility, we are buying into collectiveism. Call it grade school level lists if you want but it is fact and pretty simple to see what is going on, even for die hard liberals.
there is some truth here, that rifle the AR 15 was found in the mother's car trunk, it can't be denied it is on film. The media and police have lied saying " all deaths were caused by the semi auto assault rifle" yet only the hand guns were found in the school. It saddens us to know they will use this tragic scene to further their political ideology at the expense of these beautiful innocent lives. God bless them and the families.
Who could possibly disagree that Shultz is a perfect (o). The man is a full blown communist airing on the commie cable MSNBC. Oh how I wish these anti-americans could read these comments.
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Honoring Judge Robert H. Bork

sfirmin Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 4:29 PM
I read his book Slouching Toward Gommorah quite by accident. Over the years I have come to realize how wise and truthful this man was. Even though I have a limited education, I too realize that the country lost out when Robert H. Bork was not confirmed as a justice in Supreme Court .
You want a piece of the 2% pie then start investing in business, be prepared to lose too, if you arn't invested in the business and taking the risk, you have no claim to the profits other than what you agreed on for a salary which is what you are worth, and remember vacation, sick days , unemployment ins. and 1/2 your FICA is payed by NOT YOU!
Dems raised the min. wage to $7.25 hr when they took over in 09 look at the charts and see what happened to the unemployment rate.....just can't fix dense, ignorant and stupid
so the fruits of your labor should go to illegals and their families, or someone whose 4 kids has four different fathers, or capable people who game the system...come on...shouldn't you come before them. It's not social justice he believes in, he believes the government should be in control of everthing you and I do. He is a Maxist and will ruin this country in the next four years. Close the wealth gap by working harder, or stop enveying your neighbors good fortune.
so there it is skippy estabe is actually a racist. you are the only one to bring up race. and you are the dumbest fool i have read in a long time.
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