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What the the liberals seem to have conveniently forgotten is that Susan Rice's title is not "UN Spokesperson". She's an ambassador for gosh sakes...meaning that she's supposed to do more than recite "talking points", which is the excuse everyone on the left is making for her. If she did simply recite talking points, she's at best lazy and unprepared.
So why in the heck did a majority vote for Obama...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....it's making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!
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Amnesty Won't Elect Republicans

sferré Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 6:01 PM
She's deluded. Yeah, they take more government handouts than whites, but they're also poorer. They take less than blacks. Look at the all the cred the Dems get from black voters because LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, even though Republicans had for years done more than Dems for civil rights. So now, my brilliant fellow republicans are going to alienate another constituency. Wake up...they're here and the 15K INS employees aren't going to deport the 15M people. Get them into the system, make tax payers out of them, they might be more inclined to vote for our candidates. Nobody ever said that amnesty would get the whole block to vote for us, but a few thousand Hispanic votes would have helped very nicely in those swing states
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