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Six Million To Pay ObamaCare Penalty

Seventhangel Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 9:00 AM
Hi Bob 24 Remember the German high command ww2 ? Every Nation has what is tearmed The Goose stepping Morons - in this case its John Roberts-- this G.S.M. was bought by Obama God only knows the Price to be Obama's A.H Watch your backside my friend the big Crapper is bent on destroying the USA ! ! ! !

If you don't have health insurance it's probably for two main reasons. The first being that you can't afford it or two, you're a healthy young person who doesn't feel like they need it at this point in life. Others may not have health insurance due to lack of employer coverage. Regardless, under new ObamaCare rules lacking health insurance results in a large ObamaCare fine/tax, something that forces people to pay for something they can't afford and young people to pay for something they don't need. Not to mention, when people are paying a fine and not receiving healthcare insurance...