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Just like the old west - Palol3 The bar's or saloons did not serve people they did not want too & They trough them Out into the street!!!!!!!!!! Tinker bells cant force them selves on any Business If they all folded where would tinker bell go/ o' WAITE i KNOW To Never ,Never Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No they do not!!!!! They have a choice to close and move to another Place .I'd Personally rip off the tinker Bells Pay my really high prices or leave , on second thought just leave your making good Places look bad!!!!
Poll: Majority Believe Obama's White House is Incompetent Biggest Jerk to be elected president in US History!!
showdown1960 could not agree with you more on your statement!!!!! time to get new Blood and get the commie lovers out of the white house as well.!!!!!!!
House Democrat on Obama care: "The Fundamentals of the Law Are Good" The Godless are smoking Obama's Weed again.!!!!!!!
What can you expect form a commie Lover!!!!!!! Garbage to Garbage 101 every Vet who ever served in Vietnam hates that commie female Dog
Mr. King would have nothing to do with Obama care nor the scumbag who started this Garbage ! Mr. King was a leader stood for the rights of his people, Obama could never measure up to Mr. Kings standards!!!!!! Mr King had class Obama has none Period.!!!!!!
Using the race card once again - Obama noting but a worthless piece of Clay /includes the family as well!!!!
Obama: Perhaps Racism Has Something to Do with My Ugly Approval Ratings? Nope- there are people who do hate Blacks !!!! Especially when they Damage any ones property and hit and run They are the dirt bags not the whites .
Christiana Figueres, has her head up her rear end as usual/ she better get her facts straight less she will be called STUPID!!!!!!! C\Communism get real.!!!
Piers Morgan: Say, Isn't Ambassador Stevens to Blame For His Own Death In Benghazi? Pierce Morgan is a complete d under head in more ways then one!!!! should keep his Mouth shut. If I was Stevens family I'd Sue the Bloody Basted dry!!!!!!
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