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Obama should go Stiffle himself !!!!! Two bad the guys who tried to put his lights out missed!!!! Congress should impeach the sob !!!!
If that is her Psydoc- She is saluting in the old Goose stepping Moron way of 1935 Germany- a piece of garbage at the time O' how Congress has fallen!! between 1930 to 1945 Germany was a living Hell!!!!!!!
The Women and i say that loosely- Is a Goose stepping Moron Good god has the congress fallen this low ? makes me feel like I am in Old Germany era 1930's Hitler Rises from his Bunker again!!!!!!!! God indeed Help us.
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Gays for Late Term Abortion?

Seventhangel Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 8:45 AM
Planed Parenthood kept bugging me for Money I told em off said I was not married and had no kids/brats they call me once go angry told em I sent em a present a something ticking (Bluff ) it worked never herd or got anything in the mail since. let those who have kids take care of em themselves not expect others to do so and also let me say this YOU ARE NOT!!!! BORN A Tinker bell !!!!! you choose that kind of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People like Mr. Mitchell have to learn how to write again the poor do not want a hand out what this country needs are jobs!!!!! and it will not come from the Obama Administration that's for Dam sure!!!!!
The top Congressmen& women do not care because through the years they have become Rich on the backs of the Voters who voted them in!!!
Blacks do not have stocks - rather steal then invest ten they would have to pay taxes and that is a no no if you want to bleed the taxpayer dry no matter the color.
Any one who marries same sex is going against God and will burn in Hell !!! hope they love burnt offerings!!!!!
If they were not Gays why is sternes pushing the issue Chip? If I'd have a business No one would tell me who to serve and who not too , i'd tell em where to get off in a hurry, using non clean words to boot.!!!!!!
Just like the old west - Palol3 The bar's or saloons did not serve people they did not want too & They trough them Out into the street!!!!!!!!!! Tinker bells cant force them selves on any Business If they all folded where would tinker bell go/ o' WAITE i KNOW To Never ,Never Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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