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"Purpose built" is supposed to make it CHEAPER????? The whole point of building the Volt using the Cruise as the platform is that they can divide much of the engineering cost for the basic car among not just the dozens of liberal idiot buyers of the Volt, but also the hundreds of thousands of far less idiotic buyers of the gas powered Cruise. If they create a whole car model that's ONLY going to be sold in an electric version, how many are they going to sell? 1/10 as many? That would mean the per-unit profit is going to have to cover 10 times as much of the NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs. How is that going to make the cars affordable?
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Agree on Goals, Guys

SESummers Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 2:40 PM
The statement "Over the next decade, spending must decline to its Bush-era average of 20%, while revenue returns to its Clinton-era average, 19%" is incorrect. We owe 16 trillion dollars, and have virtually no credit left to borrow to pay for baby boomer retirement. The only way we're going to avoid insolvency is for revenues to increase to MORE than spending, not 1% less than spending. We need to PAY OFF at least some of the debt, not just shrink its rate of growth.
It's not the debt limit that matters. It's the CREDIT LIMIT. Unfortunately, we don't know what that number is, but I think we can all agree that there is one, and congress won't be able to just vote to increase it. Once we hit it, we're off the cliff, and the America we inherited will be no more.
Regarding the “Nobody intelligent would risk this country with Romney” quote: How would this man know what intelligent people would do?
Notice that he didn't include Ohio - and if they lose that (which they will), the other three don't matter. And if he really wanted to bet something important, how about if he promises to avoid all media appearances for the duration of Romney's presidency (the next 8 years)?
Glad to see this. I've been hoping for a strategy of nullifying Obama's ad campaigns by simply pointing out, over and over, with copious examples, the fact that Obama is nothing but a shameless liar. There are enough of his lies recorded in public statements on video that can be combined with headlines, charts, and other compelling evidence of reality to PROVE to anyone with a functioning brain that there's no reason to believe a word he (or his campaign) says. If they can hammer that point home to the masses, they'll stop paying much attention to Obama's commercials, and it won't matter how much he spends.
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The Economy Is a Moral Issue

SESummers Wrote: May 11, 2012 11:49 PM
Here's the real moral issue: "Borrowing" 15 trillion dollars to prop up our standard of living by 10% per year, and leaving the bill for our children and grandchildren. The degree of immorality of that is so horrible that anyone who condones it (and I'm talking mostly to you liberals now - you scum who accuse us conservatives of "not caring") will be lucky to escape eternity in hell. Leaving the world a better place for our children is supposed to be a universal value. And here we are STEALING from them. Shame on us all.
Enough with the "Gutsy call" crap. No American in a position to make such a decision post-9/11 (even Bill Clinton) would have responded to the question "So, we think we know where Bin Laden is. We're not positive, but it's better than 50:50. Should we send in a special forces team and kill him?" with anything but a YES! You just KNOW that if he hadn't been there, the Obama administration would have covered it up. Maybe they'd have just faked it - you know, maybe claim they were forced to kill him, and then dumped his body in the ocean so nobody could ever prove otherwise? And if any more tapes ever came out from him, have the CIA claim they were faked?
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"Forward": Really the Best They Can Do?

SESummers Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 2:28 PM
I hope they stick with this. Then I hope every anti-Obama ad in the next 6 months ends with an animation of Obama yelling "Forward, March!" as he leads a parade of Americans off a cliff.
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Fool Me Once . . .

SESummers Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 12:40 PM
Actually, Obama's laser is FULLY powered. He and his administration are working day and night, focusing that laser on job after job, pulling the trigger, and vaporizing it.
The reason dead people shouldn't be allowed to vote is that after they die, their brains cease to function, making them incapable of evaluating the candidates and issues and making informed, rational decisions. Hmm. Now that I think about it that way, it's obvious why dead people always vote like Democrats.
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