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Why is a plan that includes "a fair and just legalization process for most immigrants who are here illegally", "the best idea [you've] seen yet"? Why do so many supposedly conservative people toe the politically correct line that we have to reward people who successfully invaded our country with permanent residence? Demands to do that always seem to be "justified" by saying that "we can't just round them up". I agree, but we don't have to. We can be compassionate and firm at the same time. We can offer temporary visas, good for 10 years, 9 years, 8 years, etc., down to just one year - for anyone who signs up and agrees to leave by the end of their temporary visa. The sooner they sign up, the longer they get to stay, and if they don't sign up at all after a year, then they'll be eligible to be deported immediately. With that deal, I think most will sign up, and once we have them on file, we can make sure they leave when they're supposed to.
With all due respect, you clearly misunderstand the concept of the multiverse. If the idea is true, it doesn't suggest a mere "Many" Universes, as if they're a bunch of bubbles in a soap foam. It suggests that there are whole dimensions beyond ours, meaning the number of possible universes is something like infinity to the 16th power. The interesting thing about the idea is that it solves the problem of where god came from. The atheist argument is that God had to exist outside of the universe to create it, but nothing can exist outside the universe. Well, if there is a multiverse, then God could have come into existence in a reality with more dimensions than ours, and then created ours within it.
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Why They Fight

SESummers Wrote: May 30, 2013 5:13 PM
“And this ideology is rejected by the vast majority of Muslims.” What percentage do you need to have it be a "vast" majority? I keep reading this statement repeated over and over by lots of people, but then I read actual polls of Islamic countries, where support for things like suicide bombings is sometimes as high as 40%. That doesn't mean 40% of them would happily strap on a bomb, but it does mean the ideology isn't being rejected. The "vast" majority of Christians won't give up their normal lives to become missionaries either, but that doesn't mean they reject the idea of Christian missions.
Was that sarcasm, or are you really that delusional?
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Good Guy With a Gun Ends Mass Stabbing

SESummers Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 2:58 PM
Of course, this won't count as a citizen with gun stopping a mass murder attempt, because after all, it's not REALLY a mass murder if it gets stopped, right?
TEMPORARY amnesty/legalization - in exchange for registration and agreement to leave on the specified date, or lose ALL possessions beyond what you can carry on the bus to the other side of the border, where you'll be left in the desert. Also, we need to correct the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment, and strip "citizenship" of children of people who were here illegally (and therefore NOT "subject to the jurisdiction thereof".)
I still don't understand why ANY path to citizenship is necessary for the 11 million+ criminals in our midst. Why not tell them they have 1 year to register, but the first two million get temporary residence cards for 7 years, the next two million 6 years, down to 2 years for anyone after that first 8 million who register before the end of the year. After that, anyone not registered gets deported immediately. Then kick in ENFORCED E-check, so nobody can work without citizenship or legal residence, and require their employment be terminated on their temporary residence expiration date. That will compassionately provide them time to leave, without stupidly allowing 11 million people who effectively BROKE INTO OUR HOUSE to stay here.
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Do We Really Have to Pay for All This?

SESummers Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 2:27 PM
This is really all a non-issue. The democrats have a plan, and it's very simple. 1. Use Obamacare and its various mandates and requirements to completely bankrupt the medical insurance industry along with many hospitals and drug companies, and drive many doctors into retirement. 2. Use the crisis they create to effectively cut off all life extending medical care for medicare & medicaid recipients, by cutting compensation rates even more. In other words, the next potentially fatal illness you get when you retire is what you are going to die from. 3. Reduce average years of retirement from 15+ down to maybe 5. Presto! Economy saved!
Dear people of Arizona: Could you PLEASE kick this stinky old RINO out of the senate the next chance you get? His horrible, out of touch campaigning gave us Obama, and now all he can do is stand up for Obama's rights to murder Americans (along with stealing our savings through inflation and destroying our economy). It's time for him (and Graham too) to GET OUT.
According to the latest numbers I found, they've sold about 40,000 Volts - compared to over 900,000 Mazda Miatas. It would be useful for you to refrain from peppering your posts with such easily checked pieces of utter nonsense, because it makes it easy to assume that everything else you're saying is also utter nonsense. Which it is, of course- but you don't want to make it so obvious.
"Purpose built" is supposed to make it CHEAPER????? The whole point of building the Volt using the Cruise as the platform is that they can divide much of the engineering cost for the basic car among not just the dozens of liberal idiot buyers of the Volt, but also the hundreds of thousands of far less idiotic buyers of the gas powered Cruise. If they create a whole car model that's ONLY going to be sold in an electric version, how many are they going to sell? 1/10 as many? That would mean the per-unit profit is going to have to cover 10 times as much of the NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs. How is that going to make the cars affordable?
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