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The College Rape Club

Servo1969 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 5:14 AM
Modern Feminism is like a cat chasing its own tail. What's that you say? Men need to be taught that rape is not okay? You're right, they probably never had the opportunity to learn this from their fathers. We should definitely schedule some mandatory classes. How about right after the Slutwalk and before tonight's showing of The Vagina Monologues?
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Feelingstown, Missouri

Servo1969 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 5:08 AM
I would like to offer some advice to any young people who are still unclear about the way real life works: 1. Don't rob convenience stores. 2. Don't hit cops. 3. Never try to take a cop's gun. 4. Don't rob a convenience store and then punch a cop in the face and try to take his gun. I hope this helps.
Sweden - Ship of fools Pat Condell 10/13/2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZsvdg1dkJ4
Hey, the contact info on the page is http://clashdaily.com/category/liberal-chick/. Is this one of his daughters or something?
Doug is aware that 'Liberal Chick' is satire, right? She posts things like "Those who hate Muslim radicals hate Jesus because Jesus loves everyone. Even aminals.[sic]" and "Young people: Vote today! Our founder Andrew Washington would want you to." I mean, come on.
If it can be done, it will be done. If one company doesn't another company will. Anything for a competitive edge. Vigilance by consumers is the only protection.
"I am a faithful and loving husband to a wonderful woman, and I do not make a practice of hugging women I don't know. But if I had the chance, I wouldn't hesitate to embrace Kaci Hickox." Then you're a fool.
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Kaci Hickox, Self-Absorbed Hero

Servo1969 Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 12:31 AM
"Hi, I'm Kaci Hickox and I can absolutely guarantee everyone that I don't have Ebola. In fact, I'm willing to bet all your lives on it." She's seen with her own eyes what Ebola does. She's watched people take their last breath and then be bagged up so no one gets infected. All they want her to do is stay inside and not go out in public until she's in the clear. But, no, she's gonna go out anyway and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it. I wouldn't have this **** emptying my bedpan.
Briefing in the White House: Obama: So, you're saying it's our own general incompetence that's to blame for the Ebola outbreak? Adviser: Yes, that is correct, Mr. President. Obama: Well, I want this General Incompetence relieved of duty immediately! Adviser: ........... A wise decision, Sir.
Here are my feelings about the whole transgendered issue. **** If you were born with a p-nis and test-cles but are convinced you are actually a woman, there is something wrong with your brain. If you were born with a v-gina and ovaries but are absolutely positive that you are, in fact, a man, there is something wrong with your brain. No. Stop it. If you are actually willing to cut off your p-nis so that you can feel more like the woman you think you are, you need help. If you want to have your breasts removed and your v-gina surgically altered into a sort of male organ with the help of hormones, you are not well in the head. It is not okay. It is not healthy. You are mentally ill. Notice, I didn’t say you were a bad person or that you should harmed in some way. But you are what people used to refer to as “crazy.” (This apparently ended some time in the last 10 years.) The fact that you do not believe that you are “crazy” does not make you any less “crazy.” And I don’t care how many health professionals disagree with my point of view. In fact, I find most of their enabling to border on criminal negligence.
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