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I believe that most pro-abortion advocates do not understand that their devaluing of life undermines all of their values. Most are so deceived that they are not able to even conceptualize this idea. It is so often like any other kind of propaganda, that the mind is blinded to reality if lies are repeated frequently enough and also happen to justify what we, in our selfishness, want.
When life is no longer valued, as in the pro-abortion agenda, there is no longer a basis for society to exist. If life is not valued, everything else falls subject to it. If you do not value life, you can value nothing else, though you may deceive yourself about it. If you do not value life, what do you have left?
WJF, keep on keeping on with your comments. I totally agree.
Ever heard of a non-sequitur? Babies sometimes experience spontaneous abortions. Meaning that for whatever the specific reason, the baby aborts. Ok. I get that. I also get that people die, through natural causes, by accident and BY MURDER. What is your point?
I ask again. Who among you who is pro abortion would wishes your mother had aborted you? And how many are thankful they did not? I mean those of you who are pro-abortion are thankful are here? It's like a line in a movie from years ago, in which Max Von Sydow was a hired assain. He goes into a CIA office and has a young lady step away from the window because he does not want to mow her down at the window. He says to her, it is nothing personal.
The assinine bassackwards values of this generation of death thinks it is compassionate to condone a mother's murder of her son or daughter in the womb. WHAT ABOUT COMPASSION FOR THE MURDER VICTIM??? And WHO AMONG YOU WHO FAVORS ABORTION WISHES YOUR MOTHER HAD ABORTED YOU???
I believe that the reason for the economic downfall of the United States over the last few years, aside from greed, is abortion. I believe that Texas is going to see real prosperity now, although it is already on that road. The rest of the United States that loves to kill its youngest, is going to suffer and not know why. There is a spiritual component when you condone the killing of the most vulnerable, least able to protect themselves, and in fact so vulnerable that they are totally dependent on the ones who decide to kill them - their mothers. Blessings to Tesas.
MK: You are absolutely right, but the problem is that the parents cannot teach something they do not understand or know or believe because for at least two generations in this country the public schools have drummed into the children that there are no consequences for bad actions - that there are no bad actions - that it's all about feeling good about themselves. It is a shame that this family is now suffering because of lies that the have believed because of the progressive movement wee only need to look literally to today's news about how deception is touted as being the way of things - a blatantly lying president - the role model for people of color.
who know the smell of...
Dear Mr. President: Please go back and check on one you claim to identify with: Abraham Lincoln for wisdom in the present situation. "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you canot fool all of the people all of the time." BUT: I would add my own twist - YOU Mr. President have NEVER fooled all of the people, not for one single instant. And now your sociopathic inability to distinguish truth from deception is taking you down because there really are people in the world who the smell of s h i t when they smell it.
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