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The free world has only one leader. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. He will do what is necessary to preserve the sovereignty of Israel and demonstrate that at present, Israel is the only place where integrity in facing evil exists. It certainly does not exist in the United States. (I refer to the leadership, not a lot of us who lament the traitorous occupation of the White house.)
Its the hollyhood terrorists at it again. They're black, they're black and the hollyhood elite are on their side. The better be, or they will get shot. Let's all go to the movies this weekend and buy them some more drugs and guns.
The Hollyhood gangstas are at it again, doing a little PR so they can look good while they deal their drugs, guns and violence with the accolades of their more mainstream Hollyhood stars. It's all about money and power and the hopes among the gangstas that the law abiding citizens have to get rid of their guns so that the gangstas can rule their cinema hood and continue to kill, snort, shoot up and rape with no none to stop them.
America's standards for everything have been going down for 20 to 30 years. It's the tyranny of self esteem. There are no "wrong" answers because telling a child he is wrong may hurt his self esteem. So he learns nothing, and the standards of the entire population has to endure the slow ebb of quality, of standards, of right and wrong and of civilized society. The only way that no child will be left behind is to tell every child when he is wrong and then show him what is right. The ultimate problem behind all of this is the belief that there is no right and wrong, in math, in language, in behavior, in ethics and morals and in life. Once in the real world, where right and wrong will rule regardless of sensitive egos, it will be too late to make up for 18 years of good self esteem. But I wail at the wind because the weight of the populace is already there and not likely to be turned around.
The VA investigators can say ANYTHING. But until they publish the details of their investigation on which their "conclusions" are based, what they say means nothing. The agencies under the Obama Administration are universally mouthpieces for his agenda.
The problem is that they are liberals. They want the money available in prosperous red states but do not have the mentality to understand that it is EXACTLY because red states are conservative that the money is there. The problem with liberals, ultimately, is that they are congenitally stupid about that.
Who remembers the news broadcasts of a couple months ago when ISIS was first invading Iraq and there were videos of the ISIS bragging about and SHOWING the WMD's that they found that had been there for ten years?
I know it is off point a bit, but two months ago when ISIS first hit the major news networks as they were invading Iraq, there were video news articles showing the ISIS members showing stashes of SADAM HUSSEIN's chemical weapons that had been there for ten years. I wonder why NO ONE took note of the significance of this. It means Bush was right all along and all of the Bush crucifiers are full of B..lsh.t.
hey Carlina Girl: It is not speculation. When ISIS invaded Iraq two months ago, there were VIDEO news articles on the major news networks of ISIS finding the Iraqi stash of chemical weapons that had been there for ten years. I keep wondering when someone will take note and shout from the housetops that BUSH WAS RIGHT!
Ok. For all of you uninformed MSMBC junkies, you did not watch the news about two months ago when ISIS made the headlines. Well TWICE it was there for all to see on the major news networks. ISIS was invading IRAQ. AND WHAT DID THEY FIND? Iraqi chemical weapons - a whole stash that had been there for TEN FRICKING YEARS. I SAW IT ON THE NEWS TWICE IN A WEEK. No one, I mean no one took note. No one saw the significance of it. BUSH WAS RIGHT YOU ASSHOLES.
I watched some of Megan Kelly's interviews with Bill Ayers and have to say that a couple of things that Jefferson said about revolution would be echoed by Ayers, if you look only at the surface. The huge difference, though, is that Ayers' anarchy is aimed at communism, (there is no such thing as true anarchy. How's about getting a couple anarchists together to have a revolution. "Getting together" two anarchists is an oxymoron, but the morons who espouse anarchy like Bill Ayers are morons, but I digress), about as far from Jeffersonian political theory as night is from day.
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