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The Future of the Gun

Serpentdove Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 4:36 AM
The problem is that HALF of the voters in the United States put a traitor in the White House who they all knew intended to take away our rights including the right to keep and bear arms and they put him in for a second term. THAT is the most sobering and astounding thing in the history of the United States. The fact that he is half black is largely responsible. And THAT fact makes half of the American voting populace not just racist, but stupid because they abjectly refuse to value the thing that truly gave us the strength we have had for 250 years and more: the right to LIVE AND LET LIVE.
Every once in a while, common sense is common enough to actually result in common sense laws. Kennesaw, GA is my kind of town. NOT CHICAGO!
I will ask, why do we condemn the beheading of an American journalist or two but tolerate the mutilating of MILLIONS of innocent babies in the environment in which they are supposed to be the most safe? DO NOT SAY THAT I SAID THAT THE BEHEADING OF AMERICAN JOURNALISTS IS OK. I DID NOT SAY THAT. IT IS AS EVIL AS IT CAN GET. BUT IT IS NO MORE EVIL THAN THE KILLING OF A BABY WHO HAS NOT TAKEN EVEN ITS FIRST BREATH.
And I would add that the greatest evil practice of modern times, perhaps, just perhaps, worse than the Nazi holocaust, has made this ugly ironic consequence possible because one major consequence of such blatant evil is total blindness.
This irony would be laughable if it weren't so monstrously ugly, that feminism has ironically turned on itself by aborting more women than men. The reality is that this awful consequence of feminism was inevitable and those of us who have opposed abortion as murder have seen it all along, and some could see it even without the precedent of what has happened in China.
Because, I must add, that the failure to exercise the freedom of the press in the instance that Giles' noted IS IN ACTUALITY THE LOSING OF IT.
Perhaps the title of Doug Giles' column should be simply, IF YOU FAIL TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, YOU WILL LOSE IT!
Agreed, Matt, and I would add that there is always the question of why the Crusades began in the first place - the advancing Muslims prompting a request in the Middle East for help against them. Also, if I am not mistaken, the numbers of Muslims killed by Muslims far exceeds, by MILLIONS, the numbers of Muslims killed by non-Muslims.
Scott: If the essence of Giles' column was an admonition to go out and kill all the Muslims, I would have to agree with you, but I think you lost sight of the impetus of his column. What happened was that an article speaking the truth was kept from being published because of fear of the Muslim backlash. Though Doug Giles carried the bending over of Christianity Today to an extreme, his - Doug's point is nevertheless well taken, that when a Christian feints from speaking the truth because of fear of reprisal from those speaking lies, it has bent to cowardice. Giles is not saying go out and kill Muslims. He is saying that we have gone so far the opposite direction by being afraid to open our mouths that we have willingly bowed our knee to the enemy at the gates. So, don't take the holier than thou position that you take against the straw man your erect - the killing of all Muslims - against Doug Giles main point, namely that we have gone so far the opposite direction that we have already surrendered to the hoards at the door.
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The Jihadists' Eternal Plan

Serpentdove Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:15 AM
Michelle writes: "Eternal Muslim hatred of infidels didn't start with George W. Bush. Or George Herbert Walker Bush. Or Ronald Reagan. Or the creation of Gitmo. Or the birth of Israel. Or the Twin Towers. Or the Khobar Towers. Or Lockerbie. Or the U.S.S. Cole. Or Fort Hood. Or the Beirut Marine barracks bombings. Or the bombings of the U.S. embassy in Africa, the bombing of U.S. military headquarters in Riyadh and the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi." And, Michelle, that hatred did not even begin with the Barbary Pirates of Tripoli that Thomas Jefferson confronted or with the first Crusade. But there is one consistent theme, as you point out: HATRED of us infidels. And IT IS NOT GOING TO EVER STOP.
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