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I am sure that he intends to have the trains run on time before he leaves office. (for those of you who know nothing about history - ie: raised in the public school since 1980, that is a reference to Benito Moussolini, fascist dictator of Italy in WWII, who used that slogan as a sales pitch for socialism.)
YUou see the problem is that she is not alone. She has millions of constituants who say amen to her comment. And THEY VOTE.
I'm beginning think that the Obama supporters are more the members of an Obamacult. When a cult comes to your door, they have this littany of statements that they have to make, and like a robot repeat them witn no engagement of their minds. It really is looking more and more like a cult - followers of Obama. They are not his constituancies. They are not simply members of the Democratic party. They are truly members of a new and emerging cult - the Obamacult. Preach it bro - drink the coolade. Here are the things you must repeat over and over as absolute truth , unless and until I state the exact opposite as truth if it seems expedient for me to do so. It's too bad that Sheila Jackson Lee never learned how to think. Must have been a graduate of public schools.
This member of the Obamacult has her head so far up her exit hole that she doesn't have a chance of ever seeing daylight.
You see, if someone is a liar from the get go, when he tells you that this will be the most transparent administration, that is the lie. And his audatious lies that no one else would have the balls to tell so brazenly are being parroted by his minions such that there are millions who will believe them because he learned well from Hitler's propaganda chiefs who were right about telling a lie often enough and the bigger the more it would be believed. We have a nation of idiots who want to be lied to and a "free" press kissing a s s of the liar by themselves being used as liars. This is the most evil administration in the history of the United States. Even Richard Nixon can not come close. He lied about a couple things. Obama lies about EVERYTHING.
The United States Government exists in a culture of deception that has been spawed from the White House and is trickeling down into every nook and cranny of the government under the Obama administration.
I heard it said that it starts at the top. The culture of the United States Government under this unrelentingly dishonest president, is a culture of lies. The deception is only going to deepen. The cigtizens of the United States, like the citizens of any tyrannical government are lied to by the ones at the top. This government has established a culture of lies and that culture permeates the entire governmental structure, top to bottom, including all of the agencies that operate within the administrative branch of government. DO NOT ESPECT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS "MOST TRANSPARENT" ADMINISTRATION. That was the first lie.
Dear Mr. Supertroll: Your purpose is to bate. In fact you are its master. Bate on, McDuff.
Pogo said it years ago: We have met the enemy and he is us. The iknscription of the Statue of Liberty should be changed - you know hope and change and all of that. It should read: "Give me your uneducated, your illiterate, your dumbed down, your yearning to be free no more."
Yes, America IS SO DUMBED DOWN THAT THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF SEEING THIS LUNATIC FOR WHAT HE IS. The idiot majority of the American people elected this S. O. B. TWICE.
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