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Dear Michael Moore. In one glorious box office weekend the American people showed you what we really want. It damn sure isn't you. Stick it.
Charles, people like Taft know no shame, like his Komrade Michael Moore.
The problem is that the Deceiver in Chief is right. Despite the recent Republican victories, He knows that Goebbels was right about telling a lie enough times and if it is a big enough lie, the people will believe it. We have an essentially illiterate populous because they elected this charlatan two times. But elections have consequences. And Obama's word's have consequences. They are heard by and believed by the uneducated idiots who vote, who do not know who George Washington was, who have never read a word of the United States Constitution, who believe that the president is the one who runs the government and that Congress and the Court are adjuncts to him because THAT IS EXACTLY HOW HE COMPORTS IN FRONT OF THE MAJORITY AND IT IS HOW THE MEDIA PORTRAYS HIM. Make no mistake, he knows what he is doing. And the evidence is that he was elected two times. A majority in Congress is meaningless because they are all cowing before the O. We ARE doomed as the previous poster wrote. But not because of the fact that reality is being ignored and rewritten by the president. We are doomed because a majority of the American people still believe the biggest liar ever to occupy the White House, and the members of Congress know it and continue, Republican or Democrat, to follow the great black hope. We are doomed. I just hope that there is something left to salvage when he leaves office, IF HE EVER LEAVES OFFICE. We will see.
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Is America in a Religious War?

Serpentdove Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 7:41 AM
Obama's unwillingness to identify terrorism with Islam is threefold. First because he was raised a Muslim. Second because it is consistent with his vow to side with Islam in a conflict. Third, in diffusing terrorism from being Islamic, he can broaden the definition and call returning vets a terror threat, which he has done. That way, his focus can be against his political enemies, against whom he has shown himself willing to destroy and with this definition he can use the same measures against people who disagree with him as he would against ISIS. Take note that his calling it ISIL rather than ISIS has the effect of legitimizing it, and that has rarely been noted in ANY media, conservative or otherwise.
were, not was
If you have to know who George Washington or Thomas Jefferson was, you will be also learning something about more than just names. Rote is always more than rote. The opponents to this who say it does not teach history and/or simple awareness of the country they live in. The opponents are full of garbage. In the 8th grade I had to memorize who the Supreme Court justices were. But that was only a part of an education which included learning that there are three branches of government. If Obama had gone to school in the United States, he would have learned this rather than thinking that the Executive branch is the only one.
Could it be that unbeknownst to the New York populace that elected deBlasio he ran for office only recently having been released from a padded room in some local mental institution? Or maybe the population of New York is comprised of a majority of certifiable nuts so they got what they voted for. Garbage like what comes out of his mouth is not worth listening to. Too bad that when garbage like this comes out of his mouth he is not arrested for littering. I think that the mayor is the biggest environmental problem the New Yorkers have. He pollutes the air with garbage.
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Swearing-In Day

Serpentdove Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 2:36 AM
New lady congresswoman from Arizona talking to new male congressman on Chris Wallace show today regarding Army v Air Force friendly rivalry: "I flew warthogs" to help out your ground troops. A very funny line. Congress is looking good with people like her coming on board.l
Barak's two middle names noted above designate his political and religious orientation respectively.
If the Supreme Court decides that the Statute conforms to the Constitution on this issue, we will finally be able to count it as the second non-administrative arm of the present administration, the Congress being the first, although it is almost already the case in the decision that Roberts wrote. If the Court goes with the administration on this one, it will be pretty clear that all three branches of government act as one and that one is Barak Fidel Hussein Obama.
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