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Who Wants War?

Serpentdove Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 3:12 AM
Mr. Sowell, you are right as far as you went, but you had an earlier article a couple weeks ago when you discussed the possible agenda of Obama actually WANTING the advancement of the Muslim agenda world wide. I believe that Obama has held back KNOWING that by doing so he is facilitating the advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world as well as Radical Islam as a means to advancing the power of Islam in general around the world, including in the United States. And if by his allowing the borders to remain open to ISIS radicals, he KNOWS the growing potential for large scale attacks/terrorism in the United States. But why would he allow that? Because a few major events akin to 9/11 would justify his instituting Martial Law, thus securing his permanent residency of the White House, which I sincerely believe is his goal.
Think about it this way. Obama was politically savvy enough to get himself elected TWICE regardless of his obviously socialist agenda. WHY: Because he knows how to manipulate to get what he wants. Look at Obamacare. Look how uses the race card. Look how in EVERY radical Islamic revolution he has held back with the result in every case - the Muslim Brotherhood has come into power. He calls ISIS second string even though military experts have been warning him about it for a long time. He has done EXACTLY what is forwarding his agenda in the world. The advancement of radical Islam.
Intends NOT to hurt ISIS.
Like General Conway, former head of the Marine Corps, said: The plans of Obama don't stand a chance in Hell of doing anything to ISIS. Well, there is a very interesting theory that goes sort of like this. Look first at what Obama calls ISIS. ISIL and he is very specific in spelling it out every time. What does the "L" mean? It means Levant, a very large area that INLUDES ISRAEL. Obama is tacitly recognizing ISIL's territory as including ISRAEL. Obama has no f..king intent to hurt ISIL because he intends that Israel be obliterated just like ISIS intends. General Conway is right. The comment about Obama's intent is right. OBAMA INTENDS TO HOT HURT ISIS. HE INTENDS FOR ISIS TO SUCCEED!
I didn't know that you could get a degree in "Stupid" in college, but now I know that you can. How can I tell? Atlantic City politicians have that degree. No child in Jersey was left out, even if the only way to get them to graduate was with a diploma which said STUPID in big letters, to prove that there is nothing wrong with stupid and to show that "Stupid" is something to strive for. Let's hear it for New Jersey, where "Progressive" has won the day and proved that "progressive" and "stupid" are as close to synonyms as could be.
Well, maybe I don't have a great many disagreements with my dad's viewpoints, though he has been gone many years now.
But, again, maybe I am unusual because I recall sitting with my dad watching the HUAC hearings and listening to him - my dad - talk about the constitution, about Communism, about media and how you need to be aware of who writes what you are reading because whoever writes something has a bias, and often an agenda, often subtle and deceptive and often subversive. I have many disagreements of my dad's viewpoint, but even McCarthy has been vindicated in his assertions of the communists in government at the time and their pernicious intent to turn this country into a totalitarian state. Now Nikita is in the White House.
"as" functional illiterates.
"as" functional illiterates.
Black studies classes do not teach anything about the government, only how aggrieved blacks have been, during and after slavery. Intercultural studies don't teach you anything about the American Culture, which includes its structure of government. I knew the three branches of government in the 8th grade. (Well, I think I knew it before then, but in the 8th grade we learned all of that as part of our class.) I knew the names of all of the Supreme Court justices. I did not understand all of the political process, all of the reality of politics that involves power, compromise, manipulation and such. I learned a bit about that in high school from reading books such as All The King's Men (About Huey Long) , Advise and Consent and The Prince (Machiavelli) as well as Vance Packard's works about the media, etc. Maybe I was unusual, but in my senior high school government class. those books were on the list of required reading. And it was a depressing enlightenment that the halls of our government are not as pristine as we would like to think, but I did not graduate from high school, like some of the graduates do now, not even knowing who George Washington was. It's a different world now and we have more than half the population is functional AND political illiterates. AND THEY VOTE. Guess why Obama is president.
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