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The most self defeating and futile mind set a human can have is the mindset of a victim. I am white, so I do not have the mindset of a black person who is pulled over by the police manifold times more than I am, unfairly. I am not a black, so I do not know the feeling that I am being checked out 10 times more in a bar, a restaurant, a gas station, than I am. The first thing you see about a black person is their color and so it is right up front 100% of the time. So, there is an uphill battle for a black person not to develop the self defeating victim mindset. The mindset that causes one to feel sorry for himself or herself. Feeling sorry for oneself digs one into a pit of despair. But it is a MINDSET. There have been "victims" who decided that they WOULD NOT BE VICTIMS: Two famous ones were Viktor Frankl, a Jew and Dietrich Bonhoffer, a Christian. Frankl was interred in concentration camps in Nazi Germany and survived by deciding he would not be a victim and gave himself to others in the camps and found that by committing to help others in love, he not only survived, but overcame. That was the song, was it not: "We shall overcome." A victim cannot overcome. But victimhood is more in the mind, an attitude. Bonhoffer was a theologian who was in England, I believe, but decided that he needed to minister to the people in Nazi Germany despite the huge risk. He died in a concentration camp near the end of the war. Objectively both men were clearly classic examples of "victims". But neither allowed the "victim" circumstances to produce a victim mentality. The problem is that the so-called "leaders" of the black communities, at least those that get the most press, pound the victim mentality into the people who listen to them. They reinforce with everything they say that their fellow black citizens are VICTIMS and must recognize that they will always be victims because the white privileged class will always make them victims, so they must recognize themselves as victims. The biggest shame in the history of race in this country is that SOME of the leaders of the black communities consciously reinforce the victimhood of their followers.
I understand grief. My wife died some years ago, partially possibly due to some medical malpractice. But ultimately, God allowed her death for His purposes. I did not ultimately blame the doctors. But here grief is clearly misdirected. Grief and loss is notorious for causing people to misdirect their pain as a way to deal with it. But in this case, there may be greater harm caused by this misdirected grief. First, to blame an inanimate object rather than its user as the cause of anyone's death is just such misdirection and will end up with some level of futility in the minds of the plaintiffs at some point. And then there are unintended consequences. Who knows but that someone may not have a firearm to protect themselves due to this lawsuit and are killed as a result. If you think that is far fetched, then how far fetched is this lawsuit blaming the manufacturers of a firearm as the cause of the deaths of the children who were killed? I wish the people who are bringing this lawsuit could deal with their grief in a way that is more rational, but then grief and pain have a way of making a person irrational. This lawsuit is a perfect example of that.
To the president of the University of Maine: "Diversity" is reflected in the variety of religious traditions and practices in this country. Your ban refuses to acknowledge "diversity" rather than celebrating it. More importantly, your ban is a refutation of the real diversity that exists with respect to the variety of religious celebrations at this season. Your ban undeniably and tacitly refuses to recognize the religious in favor of the secular. THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF DIVERSIT. You have banned real diversity in order to promote your limited and narrow view of the world - a world in which there is no God, not even a higher power to which we are responsible to. You have banned the diversity out of which this great nation was birthed. You have banned our history. You have banned that which gives us a reason to celebrate. You have banned the basis of freedom: "We hold these truths to be SELF EVIDENT, that all men are CREATED equal, , that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights..."
Oops, missed a word. should be first YEAR students.
By the way, per my prior post, Llewellyn's book, The Bramble Bush, was, I believe, primarily a compilation of his lectures to first law students at Columbia. He wanted them to understand, FIRST, the purpose of the court system, which is the center of the legal profession in every society.
I forgot, his name is Karl Llewellyn.
This may be the prince of ironies. One of the greatest law professors ever, was a professor at Columbia Law school from 1925 to 1951. His famous treatise The Bramble Bush is about the purpose of the courts. He goes through the courts in every society, and universally the purpose of the courts is to SETTLE DISPUTES, not reach justice, not be fair, not find the truth but to SETTLE DISPUTES so that they ARE NOT SETTLED IN THE STREETS. Justice is A goal, fairness is A goal, truth is A goal, but the one UNIVERSAL GOAL of the court system in every civilized society is to settle disputes. Not only are the Columbia law students childish idiots, they never read or understood the real purpose of their profession in the history of the world. Maybe they should go out in the streets and forget about the Law and let the system, even if you do not always like its result, to have its way. WHAT TOTAL IDIOTS!
I so totally agree with Doug. And I saw the video and it is great. Merry Christmas to the Giles family. I know that there are a lot of families like yours, but I just hope that there are going to be millions more. My question for the so called disarmers (they only want to disarm the law abiding citizens like Giles) is would you rather live next door to Doug Giles and his family or next door to a family of Michael Browns?
Great Video
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Progressivism Claims Another Life

Serpentdove Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 2:49 AM
I get it that Garner brought it on himself. I just wish that the argument would fly, especially from what I have heard about the video. It is not going to be a successful argument in this politically correct environment. The truth just does not matter any more and anyone who tries to defend the truth will be ridden out on a rail. That's the new racism. There is a bias in the culture, especially in the black community, against the truth. Eric Holder is leading the charge to lynch truth tellers in the cities. Where has this happened before? Communist Russia. China. North Korea. The truth is the ENEMY and shall be eliminated and anyone speaking the truth will be hung. WE MAKE THE TRUTH BY WHAT WE SAY. That is the new ethic. If you speak the truth, you will have your business burned down, and you will have to go to sensitivity training.
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