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Chicago Murders Skyrocket, Business Owner Shot in the Back and Killed

Serpentdove Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 9:41 AM
We should publish the addresses of the democrats who push this law through the legislature. Except that the thugs would never attack them because the thugs are grateful for what they are doing.

In 2012, Chicago saw more than 500 murders as a city with some of the toughest gun control measures in the country and 2013 is already off to a horrible start. We're only five days into the New Year and the Windy City has seen five murders. One horrific murder was of a business owner and family man who ran from his attackers. He was shot in the back and killed. 

A revered Chicago muffler shop owner became the city’s fifth homicide of 2013, but not before calling his son to let him know he was...

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