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Boehner Announces Fiscal Cliff "Plan B"

sernan Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 3:01 PM
makes excuses for other people, himself. He tells 1 lie after another, then grandstands on his “integrity.” He's nothing but a charlatan ! Even so Dems, all of his supporters will call Obama the greatest Pres in US history. Much like JFK, this has something to do with his charisma, which I find revolting, but others clearly admire. However, that's not the real reason. A simple secret lies behind Obama's soaring power, which's still far from its peak. An enormous economic force is building that rivals the scope of every single American boom in our history, 1880s steel-railroad, 1920s auto,1960s baby, 1980-90s computer, booms. The force now behind Obama is more powerful than all of these events, combined, it has already carried BHO

House Speaker John Boehner announced Tuesday he will be bringing a fiscal cliff "plan B" to the House floor this week for a vote. Boehner says his new plan will protect as many taxpayers as possible and is a tax-only measure. More from National Journal.

Two congressional sources said the vote would probably be held on Thursday.

The tax-only measure is being called "Plan B" by Republicans and they are looking at it as an alternative to a broader plan that the speaker has been negotiating with the White House.

Talks between the White...