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Let's not be silly, Kathy. The facts stand plainly against you, and you have refused all efforts I have made to meet with you face to face or by phone or to join me on my radio show. I write these things, though, for your benefit and for the benefit of those who might be deceived by the false statements you make. Again, may the Lord grant you repentance.
Kathy, your memory, then, is quite short. You actually said you wanted to wait until you were in town and we could meet together, but you never did that. On my part, I continue to reach out and have dialog with "gay Christians" (I've had some lengthy interaction with one "gay pastor" recently) but your hypocrisy, sad to say, must be exposed. I pray that God will grant you repentance back to the truth of His Word -- which doesn't change just because you meet nice people.
Dobermite, Thanks for your posts, but be assured that my approach is to expose error and call to account, hence a public letter. If SPLC does not respond rationally, at least they will continue to be exposed. I have no illusions about who they are in terms of their core beliefs.
Joe, likewise, thanks for the conversation. To repeat: It's one in a blue moon that I comment here (seeing that is not my own site), but seeing your presence I wanted to engage you.
Who is shocked? It's just being highlighted in light of the shooting since it's so pervasive.
K'ssandra, but many others have been helped greatly and have experiences different than yours. Do you deny them that right? And no one is talking about parents forcing children to do anything. They're trying to stop children and parents from doing what they desire. Do you support that?
Sorry! I forgot.
Nonsense. First, there is plenty of provable data that for some, the therapy is very effective, but that data gets suppressed. Second, this bill would even make it hard even for adults to receive counseling. Anyway, what do you say to the many who have been helped?
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The "God-Particle" and God

SeriousSam Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 1:10 AM
I never knew the origin of the name "God-particle" before. Interesting!
Don't agree with you here.
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