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Ah, no...deep red conservative. Not lib...not troll. Just smarter than you.
in your dreams. tell your analyst about your suppressed desires.
Actually, I have it in a folder marked "Legal References" on my favs list. It's on there with the Code of Federal Regulations and some VA stuff. So, you lose, loser loserman.
Sorry, as much as those of us who were on post that day would like this to be so. it isn't. Thre is no evidence suggesting a tie to terror. The motive was personal.
Unfortunately, I have interpreted it correctly. So has CID, and the FBI, in hasan's case.
Actual acts of terrorism are committed by groups who are committed unprivileged belligerency; as such, the laws of war apply. At no time did I write that these matters are crimes. So stop LYING ABOUT WHAT I WROTE, YOU LYING LIAR. You have been outthought and outfought as the facts are not on your side; and your ignorance of the mater at hand has been revealed.
As I own you, I have. Stick to topics you are good at, you know, attacking and insulting those with whom you disagree.
Once the FBI intercepted his emails, and saw the potential for possible recruitment, his activiites should have been reported to the Army. The Army was then obliged to separate the accused for cause based upon his activities. This did not happen because of some limp richards in DC. It is illegal for an active Army member to associate as the accused did. If you knew what you were talking about, you would already know this was a violation of Army regulations.
Vocabulary essons are not legal evidence of a tie to a terrorist group. I regret that you don't understand these concepts, but this is not my fault. The first step in any sucessful operation is to engage the cranial brain housing group, and think about what you're doing. Then determine who the enemy is, and what they are doing. The event on Fort Hood was not terrorism, and it has not been charged as such.
flagged for abusive posting. And I don't beleive you know very much about very much.
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