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In fact, "reset" in English, in Russian it was misspelled by State Department as "overcharge" ("??????????"). I guess, we got what Ms. Clinton pressed...
Interesting, if Pearl Harbour would happen nowadays, would we still try to investigate wasting months of valuable time instead to act? All signs signal us that we are getting close to another gigantic and real war, if we keep lying to ourselves that the US does not have to be a world leader.
Democrats (actually, communists and socialists) can win only by lying and manipulating the publics. Carney was good at what he was doing...
Reports differ, some says it was Mariupol, some like this one - Krasnoarmeisk. I tried to find anything in Russian and Ukrainian news - zippo. Question, how come Nat Guard uses old AK-47? TH should better check news and not publish something fishy in rush to be the first ones...
One must be totally brainless or brainwashed or both to watch MSNBC though. What they are showing is insulting to humankind. It is like I would be watching Mursi's brotherhood TV being totally left out of intellect due to some birth incident.
Waterboarding is only permitted if done by Muslim to a Muslim. It is not allowed to be performed by infidels.
How Scott Brown is better than a democrat?
Lenin defined those who consume and do not work as "parasites". Good. Now, if Democratic party electoral base is the people, many of whom live on the government /taxpayer dime without making any consumable product, Lenin would probably identify them as the party of parasitic class of America. I guess Lenin was wrong in all counts. Or was he? In fact, I like neither Lenin, nor Marx. But somebody does, huh?
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Barack Obama’s War on Free Speech

Serge9 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 9:18 AM
War on freedom and free speech - that what socialists always do.
Funny, or maybe not so, Russian government seriously debates the Alaska issue. There is a believe that the deal never has taken a place, or even the agreement was signed, it has never been fulfilled since the money were never paid. If we have Obama or whoever pressed that stupid button with Russian foreign minister for one more term, I would not be surprised if Putin will annex Alaska next time his butt will get itching again.
So, the "reset" button worked just opposite...
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