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Romney Etch-a-Sketches His Opposition to ObamaCare

Sequel Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 11:42 AM
Before getting into a hissy over this, we need to remember that Romney said he makes his best decisions when he has someone in the group who has an opposing view of the situation. Perhaps he sees Leavitt as the man to fill that spot.... who knows?

Mitt Romney has appointed ObamaCare profiteer and former Utah governor Mike Leavitt to head his presidential transition team. Politico reports that Leavitt has “headlined health care policy discussions at $10,000 per-person Beltway fundraisers for Romney” and may become White House chief of staff if Romney wins. ObamaCare opponents should be outraged.

Leavitt has spent the last couple of years spreading dangerous (but self-enriching!) nonsense about how states would benefit by establishing ObamaCare’s health insurance “exchanges.” He seldom mentions that his “consulting” business

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