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The Democrats' Election Forgery Racket

sepepper Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 7:07 AM
Just as those who now yell and scream about "PROFILING"-- those who oppose it, oppose LAW ENFORCEMENT.
Conservative abroad Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 11:41 PM
And the "anti-profilers" are endangering the very people they claim to protect. The most common victim of a black criminal is another black person.
David70 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 8:03 AM
Profiling is a thing we all do all the time when among other people.
A few weeks ago, Obama senior adviser and seasoned Chicago operative David Axelrod joked on MSNBC about election corruption. Asked whether "vote early and often" scams had come to an end in his shady hometown, Axelrod snarked: "Well, certainly on the air." Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Behind the scenes, Democrats have been busy faking petition signatures, forging ballots and enlisting medical professionals to authorize fraudulent doctors' notes for liberal teachers-union operatives protesting Republican opponents. It's no laughing matter.

This week, four Democratic officials in Indiana were hit with felony charges related to petition fraud in the state's 2008 primary. The prosecutions are a result...