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'Cooling Out' the Voters

SentinelForLiberty Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 11:06 PM
do'brien911: The part of the Constitution you quoted does not address the BP oil spill situation. It lists actions states cannot take, and I see nothing that directly prohibits states acting in such a disaster. By the way, the president's moratorium was deemed unconstitutional, and the Executive Branch under his thumb, ignored court orders to lift it. This is not supposed to be a monarchy run by a tyrant and his minions.
can return to pre-Space Age, and try to live with wind/solar power as the main means of electricity generation, you would do well to investigate the truth of the lifestyle you cavalierly want to inflict upon everyone. You CAN go-solar or wind for a few hundred dollars, but, you'll be severely limited to subsistence level existence. Those who so choose should be able to, but I'd never curtail ANYONE else's right to live in the 21st Century, rather than early 20th! Oh, when the equipment fails - it WILL sooner than later - if you don't have 100s or 1000s of dollars saved, depending on size/quality of the system, you're dead-in-the-wind (or sun!). Oh, you better have a GOOD, fuel generator for when its dark or still or something breaks!
stand idle, rusting, or fallen to the ground. They have gone the way of wind-powered warships. Wind cannot do the job better: highly inefficient/costly, and the nature of wind is its unpredictability. Wind and solar are not "harnessed" electricity generators. We cannot CONTROL either, and we cannot store their excess power beyond stand-alone, high-cost, short-lived, battery banks. The inconsistent megawatt power generated in wind & solar plants CANNOT be stored and must knock all other power sources off-grid to allow it in, willy-nilly, whenever the wind blows. When it stops, the others must immediately come back on-line whenever that is: wind and solar plants will never effect a decrease of CO2 in the atmosphere. Before you say we
rural American residents, including farmers and ranchers, lived without electricity into at least the 1930s. Do you think if well windmills had power generation capabilities to supply the house, they would have done it? Of course! Those who could used wind to water stock and small gardens. (Anyone know when storage batteries were available for rural windmill power? They are very maintenance-intensive, easily ruined, short-lived, expensive.) For human consumption, water was pumped as needed, using hand-power until Rural Electrification efforts brought power to the rural areas of the time. Fast forward to today, farmers and ranchers off-grid long-ago changed to small, fossil-fuel generators to pump water for stock and crops - windmills
As one who has lived in a remote location for 20+ years, I speak from experience on living off-the-grid. Reality dictates when you are trying to generate electricity. This is true whether for a single-person residence or a large city. Nikola Tesla was the real creative visionary and genius who made it possible to electrify cities and nations with first DC, and then AC generating technology. He was well-aware of wind-generation history. Solar was also possible during his lifetime. Gas lighting was innovative but insufficient. None could supply power required by even the much smaller cities of his day. Necessity propelled market forces to abandon these less efficient modes wherever possible when Tesla invented AC generation. Many
Why does the presidential oath blatantly omit all the rest of the declarative parts of the other oaths? To wit, "...against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and ... So help me God." Do I alone find this a glaring example of not intending to hold the president - whomever may hold the office - to a much more lenient standard of conduct? Of course, we must correct the current travesties at all levels of officialdom that show beyond a doubt that many oath-takers disdain and ignore the intent of the oath they've sworn, or affirmed, just to open the gate to their own personal fiefdom.
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