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Domestic Spy Expansion Bill Sails Through the Congress

sensrbtch Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 6:59 PM
this is phuckin unbelievable, an da prez gave these cocksuckers/goatphuckers a raise?? i looked at my congressman and found out he idi not vote 4 any of this nonsense. yet my 2 enators{schumer/gilliebrandie] did in fak vote 4 alls didis shite.? as did the demokraps 4 brains cuz dey r afraide of us! look at wat harie read led the charge to suspress da peoples.we alls ned to lern to spek lik da prez in OBAMINIX!

Neither Congress nor the White House has proved itself capable of reaching a decision on how to begin trimming the $16.5 trillion national debt with which these two institutions have saddled the American taxpayers. They even have been unable to come up with a reasonable measure to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff” they themselves constructed months ago. Yet, when it comes to expanding the power of the government to spy on American citizens without warrants, both the House and the Senate last week fairly tripped over themselves in a rush to pass legislation doing just that; with President Obama almost gleefully...