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Romney on the 47 Percent Comment: I Said Something That’s Completely Wrong

senshu Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 12:28 PM
Nowhere is it assumed that the 47% are non-white, except in liberal la-la land. The majority of that 47% are white, and the vast majority of the group, regardless of race, will not be in that 47% for more than a few years. We don't assume that anyone who votes for Soetoro is a victim: just that they are woefully uninformed.


When Mitt Romney was first given the opportunity to further explain the ’47 percent’ remark he made at a fundraiser in May he said it wasn’t ‘elegantly’ stated. Essentially, the comment represented his beliefs about government dependency in ‘Obama’s America’ or, ‘trickle-down government’ as he described during the debate. In an interview with Sean Hannity, however, Romney changed his tune:

In an interview Thursday night with Fox News, Romney was asked what he would have said had the "47 percent" comments come up during his debate in Denver on Wednesday night with President Barack...

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