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I have had computer crashes, so has wife and others. Never lost emails so for their excuse I say this, "male bovine feces."
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This is How You Lose a War

Sensei11 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 9:56 AM
My son served 2 tours in Iraq as a Marine. One was in 2004 in Fallujah and he was in the November action that kicked the bad guys out of there. When I see this it pisses me off and after speaking to my son he is sick about it. He added this is what you will see in Afghanistan 2 years after we get out. Showing your hand like this non leader did is always a mistake. Mark, good show this Friday morning too.
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Glorious Days for Radical Islam

Sensei11 Wrote: Jun 07, 2014 10:13 AM
Mark, excellent article as always. This culture that we have become that embraces the idiocy of the celebrity instead of substance is just the thing to destroy us. That is how we got this pretender into office. Oprah and his Hollywood cronies put him in and we are stuck with the Chicago way. Radical Islam had a great week, they get the big 5 back, we do nothing about the wife and mother in the Sudan facing death, and then the administration accuses the real heroes of being psychos. Looking forward to another week of your great shows Monday through Friday.
Well stated Mark and not even mentioning the underwhelming applause for his entry, and the cold reception at the dais. Not to mention good show this morning, and I got to listen to you doing your show and the last hour of Bill Bennet's show. How you do it on Friday for 5 hours every week.
Buffett also gave huge amounts of money to both of Obama's campaigns. When at Coca Cola he reprimanded an employee for saying Merry Christmas. Glad I know longer work for one of the outfits his Berkshire Hathaway owns. I have heard since he took over morale is way down. Brings in college educated fools to run things instead of promoting from within.
Does not surprise me. I know 2 guys who went to school there and turned into major libs, one even joining the communist party. University of North Dakota in Grand Forks much better.
Big deal I never go to Rat in the Box anyway. You need your weapons in the open there with the rats I see running in ad out of those places. A friend went into one and saw a rat run across the floor of kitchen area. He left and vowed never to go in again. The one in our city has numerous health and cleanliness violations on it. So remember concealed carry does not work there, you need it in the open so you can bag the next Jack burger.
Sounds suspiciously like Wendy Davis's comments about Greg Abbot faking his disability.
What a dumb ruling. In Texas we have a voter ID law and poor get free state ID's. I just wonder if the cheese state set up something like this.
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Demonizing the Helpers

Sensei11 Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 9:28 AM
Yes the public schools are a failure. It is time for them to be put to rest and replaced. They need to set a date say September 1 of 2019. That date the current public education system gets shut down and replaced with new system. Not totally designed by teachers and educators either. It must be designed by some educators, but also by the private sector. The goal of education is to educate and train young people to be able to function in the world as adults. We have forgotten this. Another thing is to get a teacher certification you should spend time in the real world working. Especially in colleges where this is needed. When I was in college the worst teachers I had were the ones who had no real world experience. Quit demonizing groups like the Walton Family Fund and others that support the alternative to public schools. By doing this you just make us look totally correct.
Do not get complacent about this election. Her getting Willie Nelson's endorsement needs to be looked at. I know 2 libertarians who were backing Abbot are now for Davis because of it. Libertarians love Willie and will lean the way he does. I am hearing way too many conservatives taking the election this November for granted. We still have to get out and vote.
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