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Somewhere in the afterlife Neville Chamberlain is scratching his head and wondering, "didn't they learn anything from me?" Merry Christmas Mark and I will miss your shows during the Holidays.
Mark, I wish you had published the text of the caller you had yesterday. I am talking about the veteran who disagreed with you. One of the most intelligent and informative debates you have ever had on your show. The report is a big last slap at the country because of the November elections. Plain and simple
Good article as always Mark. Fun to read while listening to your show. Biggest problem with these conservatives comments is did they only see the 30 second video most saw? The actual video is just over 13 minutes and actually supports the decision. You need to get that interview with the Lt. Colonel from Salvation Army out onto your Facebook page and other venues for all to hear. They are the main charity I support.
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Why Did Disney Block God?

Sensei11 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 10:21 AM
No surprise here when you see what becomes of many of the Disney channel stars. Miley Cyrus. Ashley Tisdale, Linsay Lohan to name a few. Since Michael Eisner left they have gone to hell in a handbasket there.
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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

Sensei11 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 5:33 PM
Mark, I so wanted to call in to your show but did not have the time to be on hold. When the mobs right after the shooting said they wanted justice, that is a one way street. They wanted Officer Wilson to be indicted so they could go to trial and convict him, send him to prison to be abused and tortured by their family members in prison. I am originally from St. Louis and remember this kind of thing well. I am so sickened that my hometown is becoming the next Detroit.
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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Sensei11 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 10:21 AM
Mark good information on your shows this past week. Especially listening to this yesterday. I agree except for his opposing the travel ban he is usually spot on. The safety of American citizens and even our illegals is at stake. The CDC is now not even sure of how the disease is transmitted. Best thing now quarantine West Africa. Use it as a lab to study transmission and treatment. Then when all of this is learned, prepare our country for it before lifting the ban. Looking forward to your shows next week.
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What Ebola Has Revealed About Us

Sensei11 Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 11:29 AM
Then you have morons like Clay Jenkins going to the apartment to visit the family in his street clothes with no protection. Where is CPS to take his kids away for endangering them? A few things I see coming out of this. More government clamp downs on us for "our own good". Some new vaccination we are told to get. Clay Jenkins running for Mayor of Dallas. Containment suits will become the new clothing standard. Like leisure suits in the 70's.
From the first trailer for the show I said it was a Hilary campaign ad. From the resemblance to a younger Hillary to the glasses and demeanor. We know CBS is in the sack with her.
Just keep in mind Hemingway was described by Phil Donahue as, "what a real man is like." He said this around 25 years ago and from then on I never liked Hemingway.
Good article and good show this morning Mark. I especially loved the caller who mentioned how when we have pulled out of nations after a war crazies take over, Iraq, Iran, Viet Nam. When we maintained a presence like in South Korea, Japan, and Germany those countries thrived, and have been great allies. On a side note Mark you were wrong about Joan Rivers being the first great female stand up comedian. Phyllis Diller preceded her and paved the way for Joan and others. I am sure Phyllis greeted her at the gates and introduced her to Fang.
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