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Just watch the democrats will find an opponent for him who will do the same, but it will be a proctologist.
Since the democrats started the impeachment talk they have raised record amounts of money. Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd is pulling for impeachment as it will mean no more conservatives in office for years. Think about it if by some weird chance the house passes articles of impeachment. Right now it will die right there. House you need a simple majority, but the senate you need a 2/3 majority. So now it dies and Obama and his cronies win even bigger. If it happens after November we have to not just win the Senate, but end up with enough seats to support impeachment. What to do? Here is an idea when saying no to Obama, add a positive solution to the statement. Offer up a positive alternative as we did in the recent immigration bill. Hey we came up with a positive solution and Reid and his buddies would not work with us. Now push that on the agenda. Nothing chaffs my hide like saying no with no positive alternative.
Mark, since everytime I call your show I get put on hold and never on here is what I tried to get in the other morning. I used to live in Minnesota and knew Ventura from working out in the same gym. He was a piece of male bovine feces then. When he was mayor of Brooklyn Park he had an apartment there with a cot, nordic track skier, and radio so he could claim residence. He actually lived with his family in a huge place north of where I lived. He once told me, before becoming governor, that he was loading up his family and moving to Arizona. He however found an audience to keep him there thanks to being a talk radio host. He actually was a big campaigner for the late Paul Wellstone who was a senator there and anti military. Granted had Kyle screwed up in the way he tried to help a fellow vet, putting a gun in the hands of someone with mental issues never a good idea. I watched Kyle recounting the episode with Ventura on OReilly factor. He looked old Bill in the eye the whole time describing it and was calm as could be. Good show as always this morning, doing both yours and Bennetts.
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Pitching Texas in Bookland

Sensei11 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 9:16 AM
Mark, read this column while listening to your radio show. I received your book in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to reading it. My thoughts on Gov. Perry are these. He has been a great governor for the last 14 years. That said he has no chance if he runs for president. The media has already started the assault on him. That photo of him when Obama was in town showing the president laughing and having a good meeting and Gov. Perry sitting there looking like Jeff Dunham's Walter. This was shown on several sources and the commentators were saying things like he resembled a sore loser, and bitter man. My choice for 2016 is still Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
I have had computer crashes, so has wife and others. Never lost emails so for their excuse I say this, "male bovine feces."
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This is How You Lose a War

Sensei11 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 9:56 AM
My son served 2 tours in Iraq as a Marine. One was in 2004 in Fallujah and he was in the November action that kicked the bad guys out of there. When I see this it pisses me off and after speaking to my son he is sick about it. He added this is what you will see in Afghanistan 2 years after we get out. Showing your hand like this non leader did is always a mistake. Mark, good show this Friday morning too.
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Glorious Days for Radical Islam

Sensei11 Wrote: Jun 07, 2014 10:13 AM
Mark, excellent article as always. This culture that we have become that embraces the idiocy of the celebrity instead of substance is just the thing to destroy us. That is how we got this pretender into office. Oprah and his Hollywood cronies put him in and we are stuck with the Chicago way. Radical Islam had a great week, they get the big 5 back, we do nothing about the wife and mother in the Sudan facing death, and then the administration accuses the real heroes of being psychos. Looking forward to another week of your great shows Monday through Friday.
Well stated Mark and not even mentioning the underwhelming applause for his entry, and the cold reception at the dais. Not to mention good show this morning, and I got to listen to you doing your show and the last hour of Bill Bennet's show. How you do it on Friday for 5 hours every week.
Buffett also gave huge amounts of money to both of Obama's campaigns. When at Coca Cola he reprimanded an employee for saying Merry Christmas. Glad I know longer work for one of the outfits his Berkshire Hathaway owns. I have heard since he took over morale is way down. Brings in college educated fools to run things instead of promoting from within.
Does not surprise me. I know 2 guys who went to school there and turned into major libs, one even joining the communist party. University of North Dakota in Grand Forks much better.
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