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Do not get complacent about this election. Her getting Willie Nelson's endorsement needs to be looked at. I know 2 libertarians who were backing Abbot are now for Davis because of it. Libertarians love Willie and will lean the way he does. I am hearing way too many conservatives taking the election this November for granted. We still have to get out and vote.
I am so proud of my congressman Kenny Marchant for leading this effort. Now get her to talk or lock her away.
This is what I have been saying this primary season. Here in Tx the GOP contestants have been too busy with personal attacks and not issues. Now I was at a gathering last week and heard some say that if their person loses they would vote for a democrat instead of the GOP winner. This is the stuff that will put more democrats in and the liberal takeover wins. We actually have one candidate for state attorney general who hired a detective to dig up dirt on his opponents. I have not heard any of these characters really talk about what they would do if elected. We are in trouble come November.
Another celebrity is added to my list of actors I will not watch. I want to thank the Hollywood types for saving me so much money by opening their mouths.
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

Sensei11 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 10:41 AM
Well at least if we can get Abbott elected governor and with the GOP candidates for her senate seat. We should have her out of Texas government. Then she move to New York and begin life as the new Hilary.
I am happy to say that here in North Texas parents have already gotten the hint. I am a part time coach at a private school and this year was the first time the high school hit it's quota for students, middle school is at 98% capacity and elementary or lower school is over 90%. While my neighbors who are also retired and substitute teach report that the elementary school in our neighborhood has had a big drop in student body. I know that another nearby private school had to turn people away they hit capacity. Another neighbor who has 5 kids is home schooling them now. We need this to happen all over the country but it won't. We are too far gone as a nation.
I have been reading Doug's musings from the start. I have been educated, enraged, felt vetted, and laughed at the columns. Doug like all of us is flawed and he shows it in his past, and he turned his life around. Only clergyman who said more to less in my lifetime was a priest we had in Billings Montana. His homilies were never long and he never used 10 words to say what needed 4. Doug, keep up the good work and next time you come home to the metrolplex I would sure like to sit down with you over a real coffee and visit.
i am still somewhat mad at him for not running in 2012. i watched as both Ted Nugent and Bono told him that his country needed him. i would, as far as tax reform goes, rather see the flat tax proposed by Steve Forbes over a decade ago. it was a better plan and also got rid of the IRS.
Still another reason I want him to run for president. He has guts, intelligence, and common sense.
I have lost all respect for Ryan. No increase in spending, cuts must be made plain and simple.
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