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Obama Administration to Defense Contractors: No Layoff Notices Until After Election, Please

senpar Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:23 PM
Obama has been lying for years. He has suppressed, hidden *all* of his records. Most of Obama's "buddies" are socialists and communists. How anyone can still believe in this Kenyan fraud just boggles the mind. I recommend you see this revealing video about F-M-Davis, Ann Dunham, B-O'bama ! An abundance of info is packed into this video. The case made here that Obama's real father is F-M-Davis is very strong and compelling. Gilbert did an excellent job at putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to give a realistic-sobering-picture of who this man really is that's in control of our country - scary ! Paul Kengor's bio of Frank Marshall Davis, "The Communist." is thoroughly documented and relies most heavily on the writings
senpar Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:29 PM
of F-M-Davis, as for the "Honolulu Record."

F-M-D was a paid Soviet agent, a shameless apologist for the crimes, mass-murder by Joseph Stalin !

Liberal bioggers like D-Maraniss, D-Remnick wrote about the role that F-M-Davis,

"who's referred to as "Frank" in BHO's auto-bio "Dreams from My Father,"

played as a mentor to the young O'bama, while downplaying his political affiliations, trying to paint him as a victim of McCarthyism.

Kengor just blows the lid off the whole thing, shows us who F-M-Davis really was."

Dir Joel Gilbert concludes,

"The 'Birthers' have been on a fool's errand. To understand BHO's Covert-plans to "fundamentally change America !"

The ? isn't "Where's the Birth Certificate ?"

The ? is "Who's BHO's real father ?"
senpar Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:32 PM
Obama's real father was Frank-M-Davis Communist Party USA PR-man !

“Obama’s Big Lie Revealed,” Pres Obama’s bio-father was not B-H-O Sr !

9-11-2012 - NY-Post full-pg-15-ad

Activist-porno-poet, FMD was the man O'bama called "Frank" in BHO's book "Dreams of My Father."

F-M-Davis was O'bama's close personal mentor from age 10-18, visiting with him in Hawaii some 50 times !

Frank-M-Davis moved to Honolulu in 1948, became friends with Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham.

"F-M-D porno-poet said, he went both ways, he and 1st-wife regularly brought girl-age-13 to their home !"

In an effort to make the economy look a little rosier than it is, the Obama administration is basically coercing defense contractors so as to prevent news of layoffs hitting voters before the election. With sequestration about to result in some major cuts to the defense budget, contractors will lose government business -- and that means, employees will lose jobs. But to prevent poor numbers ahead of the November election, the Obama administration has made it very, well, fiscally unwise for companies to issue layoff notices too early.

The Labor Department issued guidance in July saying it...