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Managing Expectations: Team Obama Paints Romney as Best Debater in History

senpar Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 4:31 AM
Eric Whitaker, Michelle Obama, Tony Rezko, John Rogers, Arthur Brazier, Marilyn Katz I Childhood of privilege not hardship II Myth rock-star professor III 1997 speech launched Obama IV Slumlord's defense B-Obama-Esq V Obama's toughest critics on Left VI Poor people BHO left behind VII Myth of B-Obama St-Sen-reformer VIII Obama's St-pension-scheme IX Arab-Amer-network behind Obama X Obama brings Chicago politics to WDC If Romney plans his offense, defense, and how to answer specific topics, ?'s, how to respond to and neutralize, Obama's pre-planned-focus-grouped cynical-exaggerated-difficult-to-counter-hyped-up-claims against Romney, He can then expose Obama for the "Fake-Phoney-Fraud" that he really is !

For all President Obama's rhetorical gifts -- and despite the fact that he was widely viewed as the winner of all three presidential debates in 2008 -- Democrats appear to be engaged in a campaign of expectation-managing ahead of the upcoming matchups between Obama and Mitt Romney. Indeed, as the president's press team to his debate prep partern John Kerry would have it, Romney is a veritable reincarnation of one of history's greatest debaters, Abraham Lincoln himself.

Here's John Kerry opining on Romney's "mad skillz" at the podium (h/t Erika Johnsen):