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Dear Mitt: Please Don’t Morph into a Wuss During the Debates. Regards, Doug Giles

senpar Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 4:06 AM
acn, btw, don't agree with you ! acn wrote: "Thank you Senpar, Your cmnt on the USSC Judges was as educatnl as Dr Sowell's best ! The pwrs which are being tossed around like frisbees at this point are truly horrendous. The only way to get rid of Obama before he puts someone else on the Court is Nov !" btw wrote: "Senpar's right, The USC Never mentions the word, "Immigration" The USC "Only" says that the Fed-Govt shall regulate the process of, "Naturalization" Nowhere does it mention the word "immigration" USC-10th-Amdt: "Powers not granted to the Fed-Govt goes to the States !" USC: Art-IV, Sec-4: "The US shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Govt and shall protect each of them against invasion !"

I’ve got to admit … I’m a wee bit concerned about the upcoming presidential debates. My fear is that Mitt, for whatever reason, will take the McCain fetal position before Obama and not come out swinging for the fence.

Mitt ought to do this Wednesday what Babe Ruth did in ‘32 and point to Chicago like the Bambino pointed to centerfield bleachers and then verbally hammer Obama out of the park and back to Illinois.

In addition to Mitt being the aggressor versus a genteel back-pedaler, I’d like to see some former Navy SEALs in the crowd stand...