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Been campaigning for 6 yrs - isn't he on our payroll ? ? Now he's playing ball while on the payroll ? ? What happened to earning the pay ? ? Only politicians can take years off work while drawing full pay & benefits in order to run for "any" office they choose - -
Republican Party leadership is dumb - - - needs replacing ! !
The dropout rate for black students is their own fault, not anyone else ! ! ! They don't see education as necessary or any advantage & that comes from their own "parenting" and ghetto mentality. There's no difference in opportunity for black students than any other race - they don't want education - and more money, opportunity, national or otherwise will make a difference until Blacks decide for themselves they want improvement in their own performance.
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As Predicted Democrats Abandoning Obama

Senior1 Wrote: May 26, 2012 10:23 AM
Hollywood West is now funding Hollywood East (Obama) - - actors playing roles join the mentality that Obama is one of them and an actor playing the role of his life - - Campaigners for election/re-election will say/do anything to get/keep those outrageous/callous benefits for themselves - - without regard for the nation or it's citizen taxpayers ! ! ! ! Informed & rational voters recognize the significant NEED for change - and that's not partisan.
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