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Obama: We Must Tax & Spend Our Way To Prosperity

sendar Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:16 AM
afforded INTERPOL is likely a precursr to the WH subjctng the US undr the jurisdctn of the UN-relatd-ICC. INTERPOL provids a significnt enforcmnt functn for the ICC, as FBI does for US-Justc-Dept. ICC's 2010 Budgt Par-28. "The ICC will continue to seek the coperatn of States not prty to the "Rome-Statute" whch-est-the-ICC, to develop its reltnshps w/regionl-orgs such as the, Org-Amer-States, Arab-League, African-Union, Org-Islamic-Conf, ASEAN, CARICOM. ICC will continue to engage with subregional, thematic orgs, SADC, ECOWAS, Comnwlth-Secrtrt, OIF. This'll be done through high-levl-vists-brfngs-reltnshp-agrmnts. Work'll also be carried out with sectorl-orgs, IDLO, INTERPOL to increas-efficncy. "The US isn't a party to "Rome-Statute !"