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Obama: We Must Tax & Spend Our Way To Prosperity

sendar Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:15 AM
Obama-UN-Intl-Crm-Crt Dec-16-2009 - BHO Amends-Expands Reagan's EO-12425, that declared INTERPOL a public-Intl-Org: BHO: "By the authorty vestd in me as Pres by the USC, laws of the USA, Sec-1, 1945-Intl-Orgs-Immunits-Act 22-USC-288, in order to extnd the aproprt privilegs, exemptns, immunits to the Intl-Crmnl-Polc-Org INTERPOL, it's hereby orderd that EO-12425, June-16-1983, is further amended by deleting from the 1st line the words "except those provided by Secs, 2c, 3-6 of that Act" Sec-2-c, INTERPOL: "Proprty, assets of Intl-Orgs, wherevr locatd, by whomsoevr held, shall be immune from search, unless it be expressly waived, and from confiscation. The archives of Intl-Orgs shall be inviolable." Obama's amend-expand EO-12425 confers
sendar Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:16 AM
"full diplomatc immunty" upon INTERPOL, it’s proprty, files, recrds are exempt-immune from; being subjct to search, seizure by law enforcmnt,

aren't subject to legal subpoena nor discovery, are immune from FOIA requests, US taxes. They'll now be able to maintain files on US citizens, hold Americans arrestd on US soil by INTERPOL-officrs !

If any branch of Govt wants to keep docs out of the hands of the US-court systm, just hand them over to INTERPOL, until the smoke-clears.

Does INTERPOL have a file on Obama and his associations ?


INTERPOL an Intl-law-enforcmnt-body now operates on Amer-soil beynd the FBI, Is the Intl Criminal Court next ?

This immnty, protectn, elevatd above the USC
sendar Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:16 AM
afforded INTERPOL is likely a precursr to the WH subjctng the US undr the jurisdctn of the UN-relatd-ICC.

INTERPOL provids a significnt enforcmnt functn for the ICC, as FBI does for US-Justc-Dept.

ICC's 2010 Budgt Par-28. "The ICC will continue to seek the coperatn of States not prty to the "Rome-Statute" whch-est-the-ICC, to develop its reltnshps w/regionl-orgs such as the,

Org-Amer-States, Arab-League, African-Union, Org-Islamic-Conf, ASEAN, CARICOM.

ICC will continue to engage with subregional, thematic orgs, SADC, ECOWAS, Comnwlth-Secrtrt, OIF.

This'll be done through high-levl-vists-brfngs-reltnshp-agrmnts. Work'll also be carried out with sectorl-orgs, IDLO, INTERPOL to increas-efficncy.

"The US isn't a party to "Rome-Statute !"