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The Republican Rape Dilemma

Semperfi/par Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 8:14 AM
So your premise is for me to seek out that woman before she is raped and tell her I would be willing to take her child if her rape(which has not happened yet) results in a pregnancy. In effect I would be proactively aborting an abortion. Other than that there are plenty of Christian counseling services for women that are pregnant through no fault of their own. They are better at counseling the woman to carry the child and give it up for adoption.

As Richard Mourdock’s Indiana Senate fate hinges on how voters absorb his views on rape, all conservatives have an opportunity for a look in the mirror.

Just how pro-life do we want to be?

The Mourdock controversy is nothing like Todd Akin’s self-inflicted wound in Missouri, the result of an embrace of just plain bad medical information.

Mourdock is in hot water for accurately (if not particularly skillfully) articulating what God instructs about the life of the unborn.

If he is on politically shaky ground, it is because he had the courage to stand on the...