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The problem here is the truth will never come out just like in the Trayvon case.
Abraham Lincoln usurped power far more than Barack Obama and they built a huge memorial to him as if he were some kind of conquering hero.
With the countries millions upon millions of Christians they should travel to Iraq for a fact finding tour.
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The Mockery of 'Black Jesus'

Semperfi/par Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 9:20 AM
Not so cute and funny when Christian children in Iraq are being beheaded. Here is an analogy. That would be like making a show about black Moses belittling the Hebrews and diminishing them while Hamas shoots rockets at them.
LOL and there really are ancient aliens.
The media will not report it or they will back burner it on page 18.
I have to laugh. If you can sue then you could argue the president committed a misdemeanor. The speaker..I wonder where he comes off making statements like that.
Typical label. I point out the truth and I am a instant Anti-semite. LOL. Tell that to the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Liberty. I guess they were anti- semites too. By the way the U. S. started out with territorial governors. All of the states at one time had territorial governors. Another point is we live in peace with our neighbors so I think that your suggestion would not be in order as Mexico and Canada do not shoot at us constantly nor do we shoot at them. The sovereign states you speak of cannot even rule themselves without violence. I'm infantile? I guess your infantile solution is to back the nation state of Israel no matter what and give them money all the way to the end. Then I guess your grasp of the geopolitics is to throw money at the rock throwers that surround Israel in hopes that they will live in harmony. LOL Just one more thing, I worship a Semite but I do not idolize the nation state of Israel.
Good luck with that! Barack and his petty prejudices is part of the problem.
There is no real war when your adversary does not have the ability to really attack with land forces. What is going on is a pop gun war or a rock throwing war.
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