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So what, who cares if they attend or not.
You are correct in 732 at Tours.
The inquisitions were not about Christians burning other Christians. The Cathars and the Albigensians were the reason for the the first inquisition in 1184. The Spanish inquisition was not until 1478 and it was not how it is portrayed in Hollywood. The last variation was the Holy office at Rome was begun in 1542 and it was pretty benign.
The last two paragraphs say it all.
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Obama’s Anti-Israel Attitude

Semperfi/par Wrote: Feb 01, 2015 6:45 AM
Oh please, this article is written under the premise that if you say anything criticizing the state of Israel then you are labeled an anti-Semite. I am tired of hearing how they are our closest ally but when you ask when was the last time Israel lifted a finger to help the U.S. all you hear is crickets. The facts are that our relationship with Israel is one sided. They collect billions in aid, spy on us and we get nothing in return. If Benjamin does not like what Iran is doing then he should mount a military campaign to stop them and quit trying to get the U.S. to fight a war that Israel will not contribute to one bit once the shooting starts.
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How To “Fix” The Super Bowl

Semperfi/par Wrote: Feb 01, 2015 6:27 AM
That is very observant of you. You will never get it, bread, in the U.S. because it is all about usury. As a matter of fact you get a bill for watching. Everyone pays to watch someone get richer. Great system we have.
Israel is not fighting ISIS.
This has everything to do with money and not the cuban people. They want the GITMO Navy Base because it sits at the mouth of a river flowing into the Caribbean. Prime all inclusive resort property. It is the same nonsense the cuban government has always done. They will get foreigners to come in there and invest their money then they will take it back with some excuse about nationalism and helping the people. The same BS they used to steal property from people back when Castro first took over. When are these idiots going to realize you cannot negotiate with Cuba. They even warned them in advance that they would not change their system.
New York deserves him 100%. What was it like in the city the last time a democrat of his caliber was elected? You could not be outside of your neighborhood for fear of being mugged. Now you have all voted away your own self defense, your own police are being attacked. You can't even afford a pack of cigaretts now because of the taxes.
The first thing that needs to be done before any reigning in of taxes is to actually see just how much is actually collected. It all goes to the federal reserve bank directly and we just have to take their word for it.
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