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Someone else wrote this so I cannot take credit but it is true none the less. The difference between a radical muslim and a moderate muslim. The moderate muslim holds the feet of the victim while the radical does the beheading.
Well at least Mark Vaughn cannot be charged with shooting an unarmed black man.
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Progressives’ Moral Equivalence

Semperfi/par Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:45 AM
Yes, I wish people would read history once in awhile. I will not apologize for the crusades either. The Eastern Catholic Church is still here today because of them. Human dignity only comes from Christianity.
In 2008, oh the good old days, when gasoline was 1.90 a gallon, eggs were .90 cents for a dozen, milk was 2.80 a gallon, a ribeye steak was 7.00 a pound. Then barack was elected on the the premise of hope and change. Everyone defined those catch words in his own mind but never stopped to think what Barry's definition of change was. Well now we know and all one has to do is go to the supermarket or pull up to the gas pump and yet they elected him again?????
Work place violence??? That is an understatement.
Mercenary army...LOL.....RFLAO...Not willing to send your volunteer force in because of all of the restrictive rules of engagement placed on them for politics basically putting them at a disadvantage. Putting targets on them, your sons lives are worth less than the enemies. Yes, that is where are elected leaders have put your sons as far as value. They pay them a pittance to have bullets shot at them. Now the political cost is too high for a democrat with ROE putting soldiers in body bags. It was alright for them when republicans were in charge because they could use the images for politics. Now we will have no boots on the ground under our feckless leader. Funny thing about it is under Barack in Afghanistan the casualties were doubled under his ROE verses Bush. Well now enter the mercenary army. Laughable at best because we are cutting the funding for our regular force. Mercenaries or in other words a private military force, will cost more than sixteen times the cost of what we pay now. Guess what, the cost will go up with the threat. Look at what Blackwater(mercenaries) got paid just to provide security in war zone? Expect that price to quadruple with open hostilities against an entrenched army. If it was me I would charge upwards of 500,000 dollars for my services with a one million bonus for every ear or two million a head. Oh yea and if the enemy has to be hunted down then the price goes up. One more thing. If you try to rip me off your secret service will not save you. That my friends is dealing with a professional private force.
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Who Wants War?

Semperfi/par Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 6:35 AM
Well Oblama does not make a move without approval from his Arab handlers. I would honestly say approval from Saudi Arabia since Oblama bowed to that king in particular. Since we are doing this for the rest of the region does that make our troops mercenaries? Since we are doing this for the oil rich OPEC I would ask for a fair wage for my military like something along the line of a one million dollar bonus for infantry, ten million for commanders and this is to paid on a monthly basis until hostilities end. Call it minimum wage for having bullets shot in your general direction. I think it fits with the liberal socialist minimum wage standards.
How did this happen??? Could it be that the secret service guys with all of their training walk in patterns and leave gaps in their guard posts. Then one motivated combat veteran armed with his trusty old timer pocket knife breached security. If I was him I would have put my open pocket knife in my teeth just for effect on the security camera.LOL
Where is the resolution for use of military force? Is he using the one approved for President Bush?? You would think there would have to be a new one considering Oblama closed out all of that action by his own decision and words. So what is he going to do when his vast experience as a military commander fails? Blame Bush?
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