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The NFA is actually unconstitutional.
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Should The U.S. Declare War On ISIS?

Semperfi/par Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 12:17 PM
Declare war on the country that is funding them.
You will know them by the shoes they are wearing.
Homicide investigation??? Really there is not much to investigate. They cut his head off on camera and posted it. The FBI is not the organization you want to call on this one. The organization that needs to be called is the USMC infantry or the USA infantry with these simple but effective orders. Fix bayonets and take no prisoners.
The problem here is the truth will never come out just like in the Trayvon case.
Abraham Lincoln usurped power far more than Barack Obama and they built a huge memorial to him as if he were some kind of conquering hero.
With the countries millions upon millions of Christians they should travel to Iraq for a fact finding tour.
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The Mockery of 'Black Jesus'

Semperfi/par Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 9:20 AM
Not so cute and funny when Christian children in Iraq are being beheaded. Here is an analogy. That would be like making a show about black Moses belittling the Hebrews and diminishing them while Hamas shoots rockets at them.
LOL and there really are ancient aliens.
The media will not report it or they will back burner it on page 18.
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