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The media will not report it or they will back burner it on page 18.
I have to laugh. If you can sue then you could argue the president committed a misdemeanor. The speaker..I wonder where he comes off making statements like that.
Typical label. I point out the truth and I am a instant Anti-semite. LOL. Tell that to the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Liberty. I guess they were anti- semites too. By the way the U. S. started out with territorial governors. All of the states at one time had territorial governors. Another point is we live in peace with our neighbors so I think that your suggestion would not be in order as Mexico and Canada do not shoot at us constantly nor do we shoot at them. The sovereign states you speak of cannot even rule themselves without violence. I'm infantile? I guess your infantile solution is to back the nation state of Israel no matter what and give them money all the way to the end. Then I guess your grasp of the geopolitics is to throw money at the rock throwers that surround Israel in hopes that they will live in harmony. LOL Just one more thing, I worship a Semite but I do not idolize the nation state of Israel.
Good luck with that! Barack and his petty prejudices is part of the problem.
There is no real war when your adversary does not have the ability to really attack with land forces. What is going on is a pop gun war or a rock throwing war.
I have to laugh at the first four paragraphs. Israel is not a trusted ally of the U.S., history proves that. They have done nothing but lie and spy on us their trusted ally. You do not have to like or dislike them for that, it is just the truth. Trusted friend??? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, laughing, I would not trust that guy as far as I could throw him. You want to know when the fighting will stop? When we figure out that funding both sides is the reason for the violence. There is another solution but it involves taking over the entire region by force and putting in a territorial governor to oversee the regions of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria,
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Lambs to the GMO Slaughter

Semperfi/par Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 8:39 AM
This article is nonsense. GMO has been done since farming started. It has been done naturally by choosing the hardiest fruits for seeds thereby trying to use that fruits genetic traits in the next crop. Use of fertilizer for plants is taking advantage of what that plant needs to grow large, without such they would not yield a large crop. People are ignorant today not realizing that they are enjoying the fruits of thousands of years of plant manipulation. They fall for for sales gimmicks like "whole Foods" and "all natural" not realizing that there is no such thing as "half food" and "unnatural food". Word to the wise, if you are shopping at Whole foods market chain stores save yourself some money by shopping at the regular farmers market on the roadside or the regular supermarket.
You did not get the memo. Barack is above all of that.
If I was the governor of the state of Texas or Alaska I would propose to leave the union as the federal government is not honoring the union.
Gotta love that letter the governor sent. You know where that went after it went unopened? Circular file. This country is exactly what Abraham Lincoln envisioned and Barack has made it come true. The United States are no longer the United States, we are now the United State. State governments have been made null and void by the adoption of the 17th amendment. Governors are now just political tools for the political parties that actually run the country. Caretakers of the fund raising governors houses.
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