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Hunting is a sport. It's cheaper to get food from the grocery store than it is to hunt, so hunting cannot be considered only done for food. And since it's a sport, this is cheating.
Cruz may not be eligible for POTUS, but how about majority leader? Humm?
Calling John Boehner! Hello? Are you there?? Anybody?
Agree, however an Obama impeachment may cool his jets a little.
Nothing new here folks, just another massive give away of (other) people's money. It just doesn't pay to work anymore. Better of being illegal and unemployed.
Liberals do know one thing. There is always something else they can tax.
The cost will, of course, be passed on to the consumer.
Have no fear, our omnipotent government is only thinking of your safety because it loves you so such.
I wonder if the government kept personal information on all the guns it gives away to the real terrorists. er, no I don't.
Let's see, when did the losing season of the republican party begin? About the same time Boehner became speaker.
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